Spiritfarer recipes list - all spiritfarer recipes in order

As in most games where you can cook food, confessor has a lot of recipes for players. This can be achieved if the ingredients are correctly combined. furnace to create a new confectionery. Along with the collection of ingredients with the help of tasks such as fishing, to become a crazy scientist in the kitchen, probably the best way to find out all possible combinations. Instead, here every spiritfarer recipe is in order with their own types of dishes .

all spiritfarer recipes in order

  1. Fried fish : a simple Food is simply cooked from fish
  2. Steam mollusks : the first acquired a taste food, this time it is mollusk .
  3. Popcorn : First snack Food can be prepared with corn .
  4. boiled fruits : first dessert you can make with fruits .
  5. Paelia : First exotic Food, Paelia is prepared by mixing mollusks and grain .
  6. Thermally processed crab : the first exquisite kitchen Food can be cooked with snow crab .
  7. Omar Germinal : Another option of exquisite kitchen made from Omar .
  8. Vegetarian grill : First Healthy Food, Grill vegetables are prepared either from root crop or piquant vegetable .
  9. Simple rice : Simple food prepared from rice .
  10. Flaming firewood : First stimulator You can make a glow of fire .
  11. The stew from mollusks : the first old-fashioned Food is prepared from mollusks and mushroom / vegetarian.

Spiritfarer 12. Grain salad : first salad food can be cooked with grain and mushrooms/vegetables and there is Summer Favorite food. 13. Bread : a simple dish made from flour . 14. Fish Curry : an exotic dish of fish and cereals. 15. South boiling : Another exotic dish made from crustacean and grain. 16. Soup with noodles : first soup can be made with rice flour and is Astrid Favorite food. 17. Cake from mollusks : an exotic dish prepared from mollusk and flour. 18. Buyabes : both exquisite dishes and soups made from fish and mushrooms/vegetables. 19. Grill mushrooms : Healthy nutrition of mushrooms. 20. BISK : Another sophisticated food and soups made from crustaceans and mushrooms/vegetables. 21. Black coffee : a stimulating product made from coffee grains that is, Gwen Favorite food. 22. Apple pie : Dessert dish prepared from apple and flour. 23. Berry Pie : Another dessert dish made from berry and flour. 24. Grushy Tartletka Another dessert dish made from pear and flour. 25. Fish Pie : An old-fashioned dish prepared from head-legged mollusk /fish and flour. 26. Persian shoemaker : A dessert dish prepared from peach and flour. 27. Pie with cherries : Another dessert dish prepared from cherry and flour. 28. Temporars : an exotic dish prepared from shrimp and flour. 29. Fried chicken : Healthy diet made from chicken . 30. Crab pie : an exquisite dish made from snow crab and flour. 31. Roll with lobster : Another exquisite dish made from lobsters and flour. 32. Vegetarian pie : an old-fashioned dish made from mushrooms/vegetables and flour. Alice Favorite food. 33. Cough drops : healthy and stimulating food prepared using fiery glow and honey . 34. Kalmara rings : first pub food prepared with squid and flour. 35. Military toast : First Breakfast Food, as well as simple food prepared from corn flour and milk . 36. Hot milk : Another breakfast dish made from dairy products . 37. Tuna Tataki : exotic food prepared by mixing tuna as well as piquant vegetable . 38. Mushroom salad : a salad of mushrooms and vegetables. 39. False porridge : food with a purchased taste, prepared from sawdust and milk.

  1. Alla Gobi : a salad made from fiery radiance and potatoes .
  2. Pooh of mollusks : soup from mollusks/ solid mollusk and milk.
  3. fried surf : food in a pub, prepared from mollusks and fat .
  4. shrimp cocktail : exquisite dish made of shrimp.
  5. Tea Latte : Exotic and stimulating food prepared from fire and milk.
  6. Findered carrots : Comfortable food prepared from carrots and honey.
  7. Grill octopus : exquisite dish prepared from octopus .
  8. Squirrel from squid : Another sophisticated dish made from squid.
  9. Grain bowl : Breakfast dish prepared from grain and dairy products. sweetener.
  10. MURESLY : Another breakfast dish prepared from berries and yogurt .
  11. Rice pudding : dessert from rice and dairy products.
  12. Maple salmon : an old-fashioned dish prepared from salmon as well as maple syrup .
  13. Eggs by the sunny side up : Breakfast dish prepared from eggs .
  14. Fruit sweets : Dessert made from fruits and sweetener.
  15. Lax : exotic and soup food prepared from fiery flour and rice flour. Beverly Favorite food.
  16. Corn bread : Comfortable food prepared from corn flour and fat. 56.

Types of food

Types of food are important to clarify that the spirit loves or does not love when it comes to meals. One character may like stimulating food, but not like comforting food, and understanding of this will help to regulate the mood of the spirit. Along with sympathies and antipathies, spirits also have a favorite food, such as Gwen and Black Coffee.

Do you want more information about recipes in video games? Take a look at how to unlock the recipes in Tower of Fantasy or The location of all recipes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 from professional game guidelines!


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