Pokemon go! 2022 event - debut Pokemon, Megaraids and wild meetings

Niantic announced a new event for Pokémon Go players. Error! 2022 Event works from environment , August 10 , 2022 K Tuesday , August 16 , 2022 . The event will be held from 10:00 to 20:00 local time. In the past, Pokémon GO took events dedicated to errors, and on each of them there were usually several new Pokemon, which players could track down.

debut Pokemon in Bug Out! Pokémon Go event

To eliminate errors! 2022 Event, players can catch three debut Pokemon. Grabin, Chardjabag and Vikavolt. All these Pokemon are part of one evolutionary line. Grabin turns into Chardjabag using 25 grabbin sweets and then Vikavolt using 100 conflict Grabin . Unfortunately, none of these seventh-generation Pokemon can be brilliant, although they should still be far-fetched during the event due to high requirements for candies for evolution.

Raid rotation in Bug Out! Pokémon Go event

Several new Pokemon appeared in Bug Out! The range of RAID 2022, including a new mega-evolution. Players can find, fight and catch mega shisor during the event and, if you are lucky, they may even encounter brilliant.

* Pokemon marked with an asterisk can be brilliant at a meeting.

raids with one star

  • Paras*
  • Unknown T*
  • Pineco*
  • Pancage*
  • Joltik

three-star raids

  • Venot
  • Pinsir*
  • Fortress
  • Shackle*

five-star raids

  • Genezect (cold drive)

mega raids

  • Mega shisor*


Wild meetings in Bug Out! Pokémon Go event

Players may encounter many Pokemon in the wild during the BUG OUT! The event of 2022, including the recently represented Grabin. Grabin cannot be brilliant at the time of writing, but players can still hunt Pokemon 100IV.

  • Katerpi*
  • Visil*
  • Ice-haired*
  • Spinarak*
  • Yanma*
  • Surskit
  • cribote*
  • Pancage*
  • Venepid*
  • Karblast*
  • Joltik
  • Shelmet*
  • Grabin
  • Rososos
  • Pineco*
  • Skoropi*
  • Twobble*

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