Overwatch puts a day at the end of the sale of loot boxes, before the arrival of Overwatch 2

Opening Obtain as well as acquire anniversary loot boxes during the event! Every one includes objects of seasonal and anniversary events. Yes, do not expect way too much and get the aspects to which you threw the eye last year, given that Booty boxes will certainly stop to be on sale after the Overwatch Remix Wedding anniversary event: Vol. 3 August 30. After the occasion, you can win typical loot boxes, says the text shared by Snowstorm.

By doing this, as of August 30 you will certainly not have the ability to buy even more loot boxes and, as soon as the launch of Overwatch 2 on October 4 for PC as well as consoles shows up, those that we have will certainly be immediately opened. Right now it seems that we are not going to have a lot more chances to try the video game, given that in Snowstorm they have actually assured that they have no extra public betas and also prefer to concentrate on executing the ideal variation for the premiere.

They will certainly not be offered since August 30 With this statement, several thought it would certainly be in October when this sort of lootboxes would certainly stop marketing, but if we take an appearance at the official blog site we see that it will certainly be prior to what we expected. Booty boxes will certainly stop getting on sale at the end of August , after completing the Remix Vol. 3 Anniversary event on the 30th.

The Overwatch players will see exactly how the game is replaced by Overwatch 2 this October, when the 2nd installment of the Hero Shooter of Blizzard is released. And also he will certainly do it with adjustments that not just influence the gameplay, maps or personalities; also to the monetization system as well as the loot boxes that, as confirmed, will certainly vanish soon .


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