How to quickly make money in a two -point campus

The Two Point campus is the creation and management of your dream university, which, obviously, will need a lot of money for you.

As you move, you will have to buy land to build your buildings, improve these same buildings, hire and pay teachers and other staff, buy items for your rooms and much more.

Since Two Point Campus is a gaming game, you will also need to properly dispose of your means. Thus, receiving as many money as possible becomes a priority in the game.

The next guide will help to indicate all the methods by which you can quickly earn money in the Two Point campus. The management will also indicate how you should dispose of your money.

How to get / save money on Two Point campus

Invest in your courses

The main way to earn money on Two Point Campus will always be your courses. Investing in courses means attracting students, which, in turn, brings training for training and income from rental of the hostel. Ignoring your courses will lead to a low number of new students. The absence of students will reduce your training fee, and when there are no students, this naturally means that no one is going to rent your hostel.

Therefore, always focus on your courses. Aiming a couple of courses to increase the level as quickly as possible. Make sure that you wisely spend the course points to attract as many students as possible.

Archeology-a powerful source of income

[????24/7 One of the right ways to earn a large amount of money in the Two Point campus is to enter an archeology course at your university.

To do this, you will need a place of excavations, but whenever the student finds a relic or treasure at the excavation site, you can sell them for money. This will significantly increase your income.

Another trick is to wait a few months when selling a rare relic, since the price of such relics that you find will only grow over time. For example, if you find an ancient gem, it will cost about $ 40,000. If you wait a few months, the price will rise to $ 50,000.

You can also set a small fee per course or even free. This will reduce the amount of the money that you earn on the board of training and rental of the hostel, but will allow you to enroll more students, increasing the number of relics found in your place of excavations, which means more money in the long term.

However, note that the place for excavations has its cost. Your students will need computer and scientific laboratories for their research. Therefore, do not go in several pits at once, otherwise you are likely to go bankrupt.

Research projects for quick money

First of all, you will investigate in order to modernize your objects. As soon as you finish and all your objects will be improved, you can still do research, but make money.

The Two Points campus will quit you random goals that bring up to $ 50,000 for the study. Consequently, prepare a fully modernized research laboratory at your university, at least with three teachers with high research characteristics, so that you can finish the study as soon as possible.

Raise the cost of the course

You can increase the training fee at the beginning of each year. However, this is fraught with great risk. Students will be very unhappy with the need to pay more. You can compensate for their dissatisfaction with other methods, but if you continue to increase the training fee, they will ultimately leave.

Reduce the salary of your employees

In the same way as the payment for the course, you can change the salary of employees at the beginning of each year. The only problem is that less wages of qualified personnel will make it unhappy. Continue in the same spirit, and they will leave, taking with you everything that you invested in them.

place trading and arcade machines

Make sure that every building has a trading machine to feed your students. The presence of an arcade machine will also help increase the level of happiness of your students, and will also bring you a small additional income.

take loans when it is necessary

Most likely, you will need to take a loan at the beginning of the game to create new courses and manage other things. It is good to take loans in the game, as they will help accelerate the achievement of the goal of improving objects. However, you must carefully monitor your income, and not rely only on loans.

Orb Foundation-Your last refuge

Even after using all of the above options, and you still need money, you can bring the sphere. The sphere is an ominous cult that will negatively affect the thoughts of your students. Nevertheless, you get a scholarship whenever the student increases the level in the cult. Use this method only when you desperately need money!

hire employees with only one skill

Hiring someone with several specializations may look good on paper, but it can only teach one course at a time. You will continue to pay them depending on their specialization, which means, for example, a double payment to a person for two courses, while he teaches only one course at your university.

If you are looking for someone who will teach medicine, be sure to hire a person who specializes only in medicine. This will not only save you money, but also make investing in the same person much more effective.

This applies to all roles. Do not hire assistants who have high marks both in medicine and in shepherding. They can do only one thing at a time, so do not waste money on someone who has both skills. Hire only those candidates who specialize.

Stop expanding without need

As in any other symulator game, you will go bankrupt if you continue to expand your university in the Two Point campus. Refrain from adding new courses and new rooms just for this and stop buying land if you are not ready to build.

Money is an important resource in the Two Point campus. You must be absolutely sure where and what you need to invest in. The modernization of an object that does not bring you sufficient income is a bad step. Therefore, learn to look at your flow of income and resources before thinking about great successes.


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