How to detach campuses in Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus is a fascinating symbol game in which you can build, organize and decorate your own university towns with the help of many tools for creativity. Help your students achieve greatness by assigning them unique courses from cooking, sports to chivalry. There are so many opportunities and a whole map of possible places where you can build your own campus, each of which has its own courses that you can take. However, you will need to try to unlock them, and the task to achieve success will grow every time!


Each campus that you receive has the opportunity to collect three stars , means successful experience there. These stars are shown on map when drawing a mouse pointer for each place and are added as a result in the lower right corner of the screen. Campuses will receive stars depending on the level of success that they see, including the number of students, the level of campus, happiness, means and an average rating. You also have to complete several unique quests.

Unfortunately, at the first passage, you cannot choose your campuses. You will need to gradually unlock them by collect a star in each subsequent campus. Some campuses require you to have a star in certain places before unlocking them. With so many available places, this can be a slow and constant process, but you can collect campus stars faster, performing these tasks.

how to collect campus stars

When you start each location, you will be given several minimum tasks that need to be completed to start work, and then you will get tasks to earn a star . These tasks will be displayed on the right side of the screen with the corresponding name. 1 star , and as you fulfill them, you will receive more stars. They will require you to support the average level of happiness, estimates or other similar levels for your campus. However, the more campuses you unlock, the more difficult these tasks will be. As soon as you collect the star, you can go to new locations or return to campuses at any time.

Performing these tasks to obtain stars is a great way to ensure the long-term success of your campus and open more campuses full of potential to continue your journey and expand your franchise. Use all the skills and rooms that you will get along the way to easily complete these tasks!

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