How to increase the level of bestiaria in Diablo Immortal

You will encounter numerous dangers in Diablo Immortal, exploring the dark world of the sanctuary. This is monitored through intra-game bestiary, the level of which can be increased. This can make you ask how to increase the level and fill your bestiary in Diablo Immortal.

How to fill the bestiary in Diablo Immortal


To increase the level and fill your bestiary in Diablo Immortal, you must defeat various monsters and collect a monstrous essence. You will need 10 monstrous essence before going to the choradic altar . Here you can pass your monstrous essence and collect a new page for your bestiaria.

You can collect a monstrous essence as a random fall from the victory over monsters around the world. However, this chance of falling out can be low, so you may need to farm monsters. Or you can passively collect them, simply playing the game and collecting them when they fall out. Using a strong PVE-class will accelerate this process.

how to open a bestiary

You will open the bestiary as part of the main quest, in particular quest “Hordric Bestiary” in dark tree . You must interact with the altar where the folio rests. This is a bestiary, and now it will be added to your menu.

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