How to conduct debate and ask questions for Marius's birthday in the event The Tears of Themis Menary of the Lights

The birthday event Marius, the menagerie of the lights, runs from from June 14, 2022 to June 25, 2022 . Access to it can be obtained using the event button on the main screen, and it is open to all lawyers who completed personal story of Marius 1-1 . Most of the objectives of the event are related to the conduct of field research , where you ask questions and argue with the participants in the competition for the construction of blocks. They are specific for the event and are separated from the local work. All resources, including sincere gifts for the place of the event and unlock the events, depend on the completion of field investigations.

How to discuss and ask questions in the event of Marius's birthday in Tears of Themis

Many tasks of the event will require you to discuss and questions in the menagerie of the lights. Start by transition to the page page and choice Field research . You can conduct 11 investigations per day in groups of four, four and three people. They include from two to three debate and one stage of interrogation, in total eight debate and also three interrogations stages per day. There is hour of downtime between groups of participants, but you can immediately call them using a list of participants.


Each discussion costs 10 OD and will reward you Materials to increase the level of map skill . You can use only Marius cards both for the main deck and for the support deck. The recommended power level is between from 23,000 to 45,000 -you can achieve this even with the help of R Cards collected for this event. Meanwhile, the stages of interrogation either include a quick check, or immediately proceed to interrogation. They do not require any AP to initiate and do not contain any debate.

How many field investigations do you need to perform for an event dedicated to Marius's birthday?

You need to fill out about six days events (provided that you will complete all 11 investigations per day) to unlock the celebration of the birthday of Marius June 21. At the same time, the fact that you need to buy all jewelry for 430 sincere gifts is taken into account to start celebration. When all jewelry for the venue will be bought, you will also conduct enough investigations to unlock the final history of the event. After the party on the occasion of the birthday of Marius von Hagen ended, you can continue to conduct field investigations until the event ends. This is a great way to farm materials to increase the level of its cards.

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