Annapurna and also Simogo announce the Lorelei and also the Laser Eyes investigation game

You will certainly understand, no doubt for Annapurna and also Simogo to sow something besides items of tracks. We understand that the gamer will certainly symbolize a woman with uncertain motivations and also that the characters in background consist of an international author, an aristocratic artist (the sufferer) as well as a trekker illusionist.

The challenges will certainly be certainly there in this macabre experience revealed as non-linear and also taking area someplace in central Europe in the 60s. The launch of the game is revealed for 2023 on Change as well as Steam.



After Sayonara Wild Hearts, Simogo and Annapurna as a result proceeded their end of the means with each other, a partnership which had additionally been announced extremely formally in March 2020. Declared as an examination game, Lorelei as well as the laser Eyes The intriguers with its artistic instructions in white and black and its antique camera angles.

While Annapurna Interactive has planned to introduce his following games in his July 28 display, the publisher had sufficient sources to allow go of this Nintendo Direct Mini. Below is Lorelei as well as the Laser Eyes, an uncommon imaginative monitoring investigation that comes from Simogo.

Lorelei as well as the Laser Eyes-Bande-Annonce


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