Warhammer 40k: Chaos Gate - 6 tips & tricks for strategy game

In this tips- Guide zu Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate-Daemonhunters You can find out:

  • Important tricks for the fights
  • How the healing of the Gray Knights works
  • What brings you destructible environments

Warhammer 40K: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters - 20 Tips & Tricks All Players Should Know! * What warp currents are

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most important fighting tip: for the imperator!

Basically, you should use your Gray Knights as expected by Space Marines: storm forward and destroy the enemies of the imperator! Your opponents usually act passively and don't come too close. This is a problem if you prefer to go tactically and let your opponent come to you. At Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate is hardly possible, however, you have to put your opponent on the pelle. That means there are clever movements about the battlefield!

action points in Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate

The most important basic rule in the battles of Daemonhunter: attacks and movements share a point pool - accordingly, a good division of the points is important. In the beginning, each Space Marine has three action points per round , which distributes them to movements, attacks or skills. That gives you a lot of freedom and lets you adapt the trains to the opponents. At the same time, however, this increases the importance of the action points and makes skills that give your Gray Knights more points.

TIP: Use all the action points of your knights before fighting, because: As soon as your opponent discovered, it comes to fight and the opponent is first. Then you are the turn and All your points will be filled again . That means you can put your Gray Knights perfectly in position beforehand and then start the fight with an advantage.

used destructable environments to your advantage

There are a lot of destructible objects on the cards from Daemonhunter. This ranges from plasmat tanks that explode when they are fired, to huge statues that can throw up your Gray Knights. Use these environmental details to your advantage , because a lot of this causes a lot of damage and can quickly wipe out larger opponents. However, pay attention to Friendly Fire, because the explosions of plasmat tanks can also harm your Gray Knights nearby.

TIP : You can trigger chain reactions with with . For example, you can throw a statue on a plasmat tank and bring it into explosion. So you catch even more opponents in stroke of luck.

How do I heal my Gray Knights?

If the life points beam of your Space Marines are reduced to 0, don't worry: Your Gray Knights will only be hit to the ground and are up to 3 rounds . Then you can continue fighting, but your maximum life points will be halved. If a fighter is then put down again, he is “dead” for this round.

After the round, it is transported to your ship and loses one of three resistance points . These points are the lives that your Gray Knights have. Once everyone is used up, the navy is finally out of the game.

Gray Knights, who are wounded wounded, need a certain time to fully recover from their injuries. The healing of the fighters often takes a long time . You can also send Gray Knights wounded to other missions. Then you start with less maximum life points. Estimates how heavy the mission is and whether the risk is worthwhile.

TIP: Heal your Squad members at the end of a mission with the help of servo threads or the Apothecarius . As soon as they are fully healed, they are considered unharmed. So you avoid long healing times of the most important space marines.

What do critical hits bring me?

Critical hits are 40,000 in Warhammer: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters very powerful. You increase the damage caused and you get another menu in a critical hit with which your gray Knights can carry out different actions . For example, opponents can be put directly. Or you take the ability to use distance or melee attacks.

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How do I find the weak points of the opponents?

Always take a look at the Codex if you want more information about Debuffs and your own skills. In addition, you should familiarize yourself with the info cards from the opponents . To do this, select the opposing unit in the active battle - over your head you get a small summary about life points and more. Below is the information button. Click on it and you will be shown in detail what skills and weaknesses your opponents have.

The Warpwoge makes life difficult for you

The warp, from which all the demons emerge, is not friendly to you during the missions. In the upper game menu you get an advertisement on how strong the warp is in the mission. The Warp display is filled with a train until 100 percent can happen a lot of terrible things.

Less willpower for your Gray Knights or more enemies on the battlefield are not uncommon. Important: Your PSI forces , which are fed from the power of the Warp, further increase the warp display. This is why you only use your increased skills in strong opponents.

TIP: If the Warpwoge definitely reaches 100 percent in the next train, use your PSI skills as you please ! The resulting percentages are not counted towards the next Warpwoge.

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