The World of Warcraft facilitated the task of obtaining amethystracon

The reins of amethyst reacon is an item that allows you to call for a rare flying Mount. World of Warcraft players can get it after performing a difficult achievement for participating in eight major festive events.

Blizzard decided to facilitate the task of obtaining this rare Mount in World of Warcraft, removing the most unpleasant of the requirements-the School of Survival PVP (in the English version of School of Hard Knocks).

Create MOUNTS & PETS in Patch 9.2: Protoform Synthesis - Full System Overview | Shadowlands Children's week is a seasonal annual holiday in Azerot, during which all players give honors to children who have become a victim of the war between the Horde, Alliance and King Lich. Heroes can temporarily take orphans from the trustees and go on a trip to various places of Aerot and Outlet. The event itself is inspired by the Japanese holiday of Kodomo-no Hi (Children's Day), which is celebrated on May 5.


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