The best games of the Action RPG genre for Android

Many people still believe that on mobile video games - these are completely donated garbage dumps that play themselves. But, as you can guess, this is not entirely true. A huge number of games of a wide variety of genres are available on mobile devices, but I will not argue, calculate the number of scrap clones is practically impossible. It so happened that in recent months I do not part with the tablet, and therefore I want to share my own small selection of Action RPG on Android.

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

Top 8 Best RPG Games Like Diablo For Android & iOS Let's start with the classics. Titan Quest: Legendary Edition - this is the same game that many, including me, played drunkenly. And exactly, like 15 years ago, she is able to drag out seriously and for a long time. The legendary publication means that when buying a game you get the maximum configuration, plus support for the gamepad as a bonus.

The worthy heir to the great and terrible Diablo II and in 2022 is played very cheerful and fun. In fact, sometimes I just want to turn off the brain and without particularly straining to arrange one genocide of ancient monsters after another. Yes, and Titan Quest: Legendary Edition looks very acceptable. The game is really well preserved. Anyway, what could be better than indulging nostalgia along the way to work or at lunchtime.

Pascal's Wager

Fans of the creations of Hideytaki Miyazaki should turn their attention to Pascal's Wager. In essence, the typical Soulslike, in which, however, the developers in some points went towards ordinary players. Not everyone loves pain, suffering and overcoming.

A traditional plot for the genre in the spirit of “what the hell is going on”, a little strange timings of attacks and not always correct hitboxes of opponents. But the gloomy atmosphere for me personally calmly compensates for all the shortcomings. Visually, the game looks very worthy, by the standards of mobile devices, of course. I would like to note a huge amount of diverse additional content and the presence of several playable characters. In general, you can stick to Pascal's Wager for a long time. Be careful.


And we have another ideological heir to the Diablo series. Eternium is a pretty good hack 'n' slash game, which is interesting to pose for some time, but the game has one drawback. She is Free-to-Play to the bone brain. The fact is that there are enough various kinds of restrictions related to donat in Eternium. Here you have limited inventory, which expands for premium currency, and donate companions, and all kinds of combat missiles and accelerators of pumping.

At first glance, Eternium seems to be a typical project that is unworthy of your attention, but believe me, the game can easily help to pass a couple of or three days. And I personally do not worry about Donat. After all, all the same, in order to bring the ruble or two, you will have to get up in any game, and the prevailing majority of players will not do this.

Diablo Immortal

I will allow myself the arrogance and bring the game from Netease in advance to this article. Yes, I, like many of the readers, had no happiness to touch Diablo Immortal's body, but something tells me that it will be a very, very good game. At least not worse than a huge number of Asian mobile clones Diablo. And no worse than the latest games from Blizzard itself.

What do I personally expect from Diablo Immortal? Firstly, I want something at the same time both new and well-known. I think many will agree with me, but the idea to play Diablo on your smartphone sounds very attractive. Secondly, I want a truly high-quality product in which the developers have invested forces and resources, and not something strange on ready-made asses or using morally outdated technological solutions. I hope that Diablo Immortal will not disappoint the fans of the series. Well, according to tradition, we are not worried about monetization. Activision will still not be able to launch a hand in our wallets.

Genshin Impact

As I would not like, but it is simply impossible to do in such an article without Genshin Impact. At one time, the game showed many mobile games capable of. A huge open world, interesting characters, stupid and clicked, but funny dialogs, pleasant graphics and an amazing soundtrack - and all this in your smartphone.

I will not argue that Genshin Impact actually lives from one update to another and during the content lull in the game there is nothing special to do. Let Hoyooverse try to delight players with a variety of events, in fact, this does not really help. Personally, I have long stopped going into the game every day in order to complete daily tasks, but as soon as the developers release the next update, I will definitely come, I will go through new quests and again for a month or two I will forget about the game.

Cat Quest

Have you ordered cute cats? Get it. Cat Quest is an incredibly cute and lamp game of pro, as you can easily guess, a cat that goes into an adventure to save his sister. The protagonist of the Rubit-Kromeset of the opponents, throws the fire balls in the bosses, solves simple riddles and performs funny side tasks.

Cat Quest is actually the same diamond that is buried under a bunch of donate garbage in Playmarket. Incredibly cute and lamp game is able to easily captivate an adult player with a dynamic gameplay and just a ton of jokes and references. And in the finale, perhaps it can even surprise with its plot turn. I strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with Cat Quest, if for some reason you have not yet done this.

This article is based primarily on your own game experience, so do not be surprised if it did not have any game, loved by you. You can not believe, but I should not add incredible efforts to the material my beloved for the plot and hated by the monetization of the Honkai Impact 3RD. Nevertheless, this, in my opinion, is based on its Action, and it practically does not smell like a role -playing game there.

I would like to see in the comments the impromptu lists of the best Actions RPG on mobile devices from our readers. After all, I, as usual, missed something 100%. Or maybe I just didn’t play and it would be nice to make up for some gaps.


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