Apex Legends: Release for Mobile in May

Before in a few weeks Diablo Immortal for smartphones, tablets and PCs appears, APEX LEGENDS will still be moving another, extremely promising game to iOS and Android devices in May. Developer Respawn Entertainment has now officially confirmed this to the VGC page. Right on consoles, you can download the Battle Royale shooter for free, Pay2win mechanics will not exist either.

Is there already a precise release? Unfortunately not yet. "I am pleased to announce that APEX for mobile starts in May_," said Mobile Design Director Jordan Patz.

hardware requirements for iOS and Android devices

Specifically, we already know which smartphones and tablets are compatible with the mobile version of Apex Legends. Incidentally, this is a newly developed version of the game, not a simple port. Below you will find the minimum requirements for the shooter:

These Android devices are compatible:

These iOS devices are compatible

that is in Apex legends for mobile

According to the developer, you get a full-fledged Battle Royale experience that was developed and adapted especially for mobile devices. At the start, ten legends (Heroes) are available, including Wraith, Octane, Bloodhound and Pathfinder.

Playable for free: APEX LEGENDS is financed on mobile the offshoots for consoles and PC from a Battle Pass, as well as purely cosmetic microtransactions. There are no Pay2win mechanics here either.

You can see a trailer for the mobile version here:

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Apex Legends starts in Season 13

In addition to the mobile version, the APEX world of course continues to consoles and PCs and is now starting on May 10th to Season 13. You can find out what content await you on the official homepage of the game.

Apex Legends appears for mobile. Will you take a look at the game?


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