Why has E3 2022 canceled? We review the reasons and what should you do to return strongly

It was a chronicle of an announced death , but it does not stop hurting. Like when you know that things do not go well with your partner, and one of the two should make the decision to lay aside. There will be no E3 2022. Not even in digital format as it came happening in recent years due to Coronavirus. A pandemic that has ended up giving the last lunge to an event that had been in intensive care for years and it seems that it has not been able to withstand more.

It is a sad moment for those who love videogames, because it was like our special moment of the year. Those nights in which we meet in front of the screen until the so many and enjoy all the new features accompanied by a couple of beers and a bag of shetos balls . In the case of journalists, we also lived it very specially, even without being there in a face-to-face manner. It is the most important days of the year, because it is when more visits are generated and, its cancellation, it will probably have some economic impact on us.

E3 2022 is Officially CANCELLED!! Here's Why...

Why is E3 ends?

We took years seeing that the event needed a change of course. ESA (Entertainment Software Association) has proven in recent years how it has lost support of companies that were vital links from the world's most important videogame event. First, Nintendo moved, then PlayStation, too... all made their own parallel events on those dates, which made E3 itself lost interest. This year, when we saw that the Ea Play had also canceled, the thing painted very badly.

Everything happened in recent years makes us think of a question: Why were E3 companies going? It was an ideal event for viewers, because everything is concentrated in just a few very intense days. But, for companies, it is the opposite. Jobs in which you have been working and preparing your ad time, at the end are buried before mountains of information from other titles that can lead you to make shade. A few years ago it was differential "Going out on E3" , lately, it was simply to be because it touches so that nobody agrees to you because they have taught another game.

It is precisely what puts the future of E3 in check. The organization has promised that they will return in 2023 with more strength, but of course the event should be rethought. Because, although they offer new things, that I have no doubt that they will do it, is still present the "ego" of each of the companies, and the money they move . Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, for mentioning the First-Party, have realized that they do not need any great event to dominate the media world; And that even suits a digital event as it can be the Nintendo Direct or the State of Play at any time to keep in Vilo to the Internet.

How can you recover E3?

That's the million dollar question. The ESA has announced that it will come back next year to offer a renewed E3, but right now it seems difficult to glimpse how the event should focus on the attention I had a few years ago. The industry has changed and evolved by another path quite different from the Los Angeles Fair , so they have to adapt or die. There is no other if we want the Flame of the E3 does not go out definitively.

I hope you have the key to what they should do, since that would probably become millionaires. But surely since that is being squeezed to make that return as much as high. The audience must be quite important in it , since now it seems that everything returns to normal. Also the duality of advertisements with the digital world in which we live, and make available to players demos or testing of the games that present : even if it has to see a few minutes of programming, in the form of Rewards, as it is done on twitch sometimes.

For this it is important to have the collaboration of the three great, perhaps with an exclusive day dedicated to each of them. But, in a certain way, we can say that Videogames need an E3 . A benchmark like the Oscar in the cinema or the Grammy in music.

Summer Game Festival: The alternative?

Almost without time to dedicate respect to the corpse, Geoff Keighley, organizer of the Summer Game Festival, announced that this summer would return his event in June. He has been doing it for several years; In 2021 he did it parallel to E3 and, at the event, important advertisements appeared, as the trailer of Elden Ring , among others.

Do not be removed merit to the organizer of the Gala The Game Awards , but it seems that it has been fighting for years to carry the E3 for its own interests. Although, if something has damaged the Los Angeles event is mentioned above and not a parallel event like this. Of course, this year it will serve as placebo to endure the absence of the most charismatic fair.

Of course, we will have to wait to know how the Summer Game Festival is focused. His first edition was lengthened during the three months of summer, resulting in an authentic but not that he did not maintain the interest or the public or the press. At the moment, we do not know how this edition will work but, of course, now you will have all the pressure of the world by having the role of replacing E3. At the moment, what we have is quite afraid that, as until now, 80% of the program is based on advertisements of external companies to fill their coffers during retransmission **, as it has done so far.


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