Webzen 'R2', Large-scale promotion 'R2WARD Festival 2022' pre-application

[Data provided: Webzen]

\ - April 7, " Ward Festival in Webzen Open the Tinking page and start dictionary event

\ - ' WARD' Dictionary Benefits Applications "Character 90LV Jumping 'to Membership

\ - New / Return Membership Destinations' Hermproditos 1 status of Hermproditos Added Game Support Item Additional Payment

Webzen operates a preliminary application page of ' Ward Festival 2022' in its PC MMORPG .

Webzen opened the event ticking page of the ' Ward Festival 2022' of (April 7) to open the event ticking page of Ward Festival 2022 'and' New and return event 'and' level jumping ', etc. Proceed.

First, 'new and return events' participation criteria have been established by new members who created the account since January 20 this year and without a history of accessing the regular / specialized server from January 20 to April 1, It is a return member with more characters.

New / Return members of can be obtained by compensating '1 stone statue of Hermproditos' and 'red envelope', which can change the appearance of the character in the game. Depending on the specific server, it can be further obtained by the '1-day 30-time period quantification and' Premium service ticket (14 days), respectively.

Webcast wetswijzigingen 1-1-2022

Members who have applied for ' Ward' dictionary benefits can also receive 'character 90LV jump' benefits.

The pre-benefit application is a method of selecting " Ward Benefits" and selecting " Ward Benefits" on the game homepage and selecting " Ward Benefit"

Webzen supports the new members who have completed the dictionary application at the time of promotions, supporting the 90 level character to support the beginning character. If you apply to a regular server, you can also use a periodic equipment that can be used for 15 days. Returning and existing members can also grow high speed up to 90 levels.

Meanwhile, Webzen plans to disclose additional item support and various events in a large-scale promotion ' Ward Festival 2022' on April 21.

More information on the ' Ward Festival 2022' of Webzen's PC game 'is available for detailed information on the application of Dictionary.


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