Ultra Age PC version. 21st day online ticket notice

It is said that the action game 'Ultra Age' was introduced as a PC version.

In addition, Intra Games will be on April 21, on April 21, the online conference will be held through its official YouTube channel, where the release date and the game will be released. The meeting is conducted in the form of preliminary recording in consideration of Corona 19 situations.

'Ultra Age' has been released as a high speed action game that developed and developed by the Indie Game NeXT stage. Developed with Unreal Engine 4, we introduced outstanding action and game properties of the Indie Games, and received a lot of attention at the time of release.

Board of Education - Board Business Meeting - 4/7/22 Avoid enemy attacks on timing, replacing various kinds of swords, replacing various combo attacks, and quickly accessing various combo attacks, and exploding the energy to explode the "Crypical Rays", destroying the weapon We have multiple fun elements for fast and colorful actions, such as 'weapon destruction attack', which is a powerful attack.

The 'Ultra Age' PC version contains more than a platform further. After the release of the console version, it was a characteristic of the game, which is a bit more faithful to the "High Speed Action" to provide games in the game.

As a result, gamers have been able to experience a figurable action over 'Ultra Age'. For more information on the 'Ultra Age' PC version, see more details on the future.


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