Türkkhücü-Off: Kivran lacked retention and perspective

In a statement on Instagram, Kivran is the reasons for his retreat at TurkGücü Munich, which ultimately led to the bankruptcy application in January and the complete attitude of the game electricity with enormous impact on the league at the end of March. "The developments of the last few months with associations, the city, sponsors and spectators has moved me to worry about my investment," says Kivran.

I missed the retention of the 'community', which my investment should have sustainably underpinned.

Hasan Kivran

At the beginning of the year he decided to draw a final line. "At the end of January, I had to make the decision that I will not support the club with financial resources, as the perspectives have deteriorated both sporty, as well as structurally steadily. I was missing the restraint of the 'community' that my investment would have sustainable should be underpin, "says in the opinion.

Those community had played a crucial role in its entry into the state league in the mid-2010 years, emphasizes Kivran, but he supported his "heart association with passion, energy and money to offer a home for the Turkish-German community in football." But this company is now finished, Türkkhücü is the first relegated from the 3rd league, all games were canceled, as the club can not finish the season without kivrans support and finance.


Restart in the regional league? Kivran wants to help again

It is also uncertain, as it continues for the club - Turkstick would have to start in the lowest class of play, but could also hope that the Bavarian football association agrees to reintegration, then in the higher-class area. Kivran still wants to help. "I'll put everything to put the club smoothly on my successor and use it for TurkGücü Munich to start in Regionalliga Bayern 2022/2023."

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