Spy X Family Anime: Crunchroll, Synopsis ... Essential Info

Lack of series of animation? If the end of the final season of the Titans attack has born a small emptiness in you, let us fill it by offering to discover the new nugget of the moment. Release date, Scenario, SVOD... Here are the essential computer on Spy X Family.


The Synopsis of Spy X Family

Spy X Family is Anime that has just disembarked in our countries. Produced by Wit Studio (Titan attack) and Cloverworks (The Promised Neverland), the series is based on the manga of the same name of Tatsuya Endo. In this comedy, we are plunged in the cold war, a conflict "is versus West" which weakens peace between Ostania and Westalis. Twilight, the biggest spy in the world, is entrusted with a mission of size. Indeed, it is forced to create a false family in order to infiltrate the most prestigious school of the aristocracy. Ignoring all of the "classic" family life, he will associate without expressing a formidable killer to pledge and adopt a girl who has telepathic powers. Our atypical trio must then go unnoticed, while filling their respective missions.

The output date Spy X Family

Prepublished twisted on the Shonen Jump + online service since 2019, Spy X Family takes date in France in September 2020 via the Kurokawa publishing house. The instant success of the Japanese work allowed Spy X Family to be exported on our small screens through the collaboration of Wit Studio and Cloverworks. After the broadcast of the first episode in Japan on TV Osaka and TV Aichi, Spy X Family was finally broadcast at home 9 April 2022 .

SVOD service from Spy X Family

Faced with the multiplication of SVOD services year after year, it is more and more complicated to find themselves among all these offers. With the recent redemption of Wakanim by Crunchyroll, one could expect a platform and a common subscription. Even if it may be expected in a future still undetermined, you have to turn to the Crunchyroll platform to discover the animated series Spy X Family. The latter is composed of 25 episodes and is divided into two parts. The first 12 episodes are broadcast every Saturday between April 9 and June 18, 2022.

Studios behind Spy X Family

We will now look at the studios that work together to offer us this brand new anime. They are WIT Studio and Cloverworks that offer us Spy X Family. Wit Studio takes care of odd episodes and Cloverworks those peers. Here is a supreme way to share the work by producing an episode on two, which allows them to distribute them continuously without paused their other projects. As a reminder, Wit Studio is known for the adaptation of the seasons 1 to 3 of the attack of the Titans, and proposed us the animated series Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress and the Bubble film. Cloverwork owes his fame to Darling in the Franxx as well as the last season of the Anime Cult Fairy Tail.


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The 2000s who get rid of animated osef... The Golden Age of Japanime is the 90s until early 2000, all that comes after it's bogus... The fortnitis generation is incultation that's why they go up to the pinnacle of works that does not deserve it.




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