Release appointment by Two Point Campus lets wait longer

Actually, the twisted management simulation Two Point Campus should appear next month. But the fans have to be probably or bad a little longer. The competent developer team of Two Point Studios has decided at short notice for a release shift .

This is the reason for the shift

Originally, the publication of Two Point Campus was planned for the 17th of May 2022 on the PC and consoles. However, the developers have noticed that they need a little more time to deliver the game in the best possible quality . Therefore, the displacement on the 9th of August 2022 **. The relevant Game Director Mark Webley has given a suitable explanation.

Two Point Campus Preview, EXCLUSIVE Gameplay

_ "Our goal was from the beginning, Two Point Campus_ (Buy Now 39.99 € / 35.99 €) _ To publish all PC and console platforms simultaneously in the quality that our community expects us. That means, however, too that we need a little more time for Two Point Campus to ensure that we provide the best possible game that can be equally enjoyed on all platforms. We will use these extra three months to optimize Two Point Campus for all platforms to optimize It is ready in time before the beginning of the new school year! "_

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secure a copy already now

But even if the release is a bit longer, you can already secure yourself a copy of Two Point Campus \ - the successor to Two Point Hospital \ -. The developers have given the starting signal for the pre-orders some time ago. Only for the Nintendo Switch the Pre-Order phase is not yet available, but should follow shortly.

Source: Two Point Studios

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