Lost Ark: Amazon Games let you correct your mistake at the Express Mission Event

As we recently reported, there was a lot of confusion with the new Express Mission Event in Lost Ark. This is primarily intended for characters who are still in the first two content animals of the game. This is written in the official patch notes, but in the actual game there was no indication that the main character cannot also be used for the event. In fact, the only displayed reward was upgrade materials for T3 characters, which is why a variety of players started the event with their main character.

There were some complaints about this situation in the official forums of the title, and Amazon Games tried to do a little damage control by inserting a small note into the game that explained the event a little more precisely. However, the note was a little late because many players have already made the mistake.

Character change at the Express Mission Event now possible

This was also noticed by Amazon Games, which is why Community Manager Maselbart in a new forum post now explains that players can change their character selected for the event after the upcoming maintenance work on Thursday, April 28th. For the change, only characters of level 50 can be used with a maximum item level of 1000, as originally stood in the patch notes.


_ "During our weekly maintenance work on Thursday, we will update the event to enable a" change of character "function. This function will give you the opportunity to change your designated event character so that you can decide better with which one Character you want to use the rewards of the express mission event. But only characters of level 50 can be selected as an express miss event. "

Furthermore, players must not change their character if they already used the advantage of the event for T1 or T2 equipment parts. Players who only upgrade their T3 equipment are excluded. Also, all event rewards that have already been received cannot be used again, so players do not receive double rewards. So if you plan to change your character for the event, you should wait until Thursday and redeem none of the rewards.

Finally, the selection chests for engravings from the event were also adapted. Originally, some popular engravings were missing in the chests, which are now submitted. The update also applies to all chests that have already been claimed, but are still in the inventory of the players.

The rather poor handling of the event on the part of Amazon is currently one of many problems that Lost Ark players take a little fun with the game. We have already summarized the most common complaints for you in a separate article. By the way, Amazon Games is currently raffling off five PCs in the design of the popular MMORPG from Smilegate.

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