Lost Ark: All free changes and rewards after the maintenance of April 23

This Saturday, April 23, 2022, Amazon Games has carried out in Lost Ark a second weekly maintenance. Update aimed at correcting errors and problems related to the recent monthly update. Small inconvenience that has left the MMORPG players away from the servers during the first hours of the day. Currently, the game is already active and we can enjoy it throughout the weekend without suffering additional interruptions. In addition, developers have wanted to compensate the community with a few rewards .

Changes and rewards after the maintenance of Lost Ark

The last patch after the maintenance of April 23 has not introduced great changes in the game. It is an unexpected update with which Amazon Games has had to respond to several unforeseen and important bugs ** who were leaving the experience of the players. More specifically, developers have solved the following problems:

  • Solved a Feiton power pass failure showing an expiration of seven days after use. For players who already used it, there will be a solution before their time runs out.
  • The Ignea 14 and the Omnium Star 7 now show the correct rewards.
  • Solved an error by which pieces of crack achieved in the express mission could not be used with the seller.
  • Eliminated from the calendar to Thunder wings , the Berne head of the South.
  • Solved a problem with the malfunction of the fortifications for the Punika Transfer . In the arrangement includes players who had already used it.
  • Solved an error by which the players who had bought the weekly crystal package ** were not receiving them if they had the inventory about to be filled.
  • Solved an error that made them Appearances of NOBLE Banquet and their weapon could not be dyed.

In addition to this, Amazon Games has also announced the rewards that Lost Ark players will receive as compensation for unexpected maintenance and discomfort they have suffered over the next few days. All those who initiate session before April 30 at 9:00 CEST (peninsular hours) can be received.


  • 3 days of crystalline aura
  • 2 Resonance Aura Recovery Elixirs (can be used in 14 days after your claim and give 50 auras of resonance.
  • 3 Ascending refined chests that allow you to choose between the following elements: X15 Star Breath (Tier 1), X15 Breath of Luna (Tier 2), X5 Sun protection (Tier 3), X10 Solar Blessing (Tier 3) o X30 Solar Grace (Tier 3).


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