Instructions: When is the PS5 Games Reveal Event?

Sony has finally announced what we all have been waiting for: a close look at PlayStation 5 games. The legendary PS5 revelation event is facing the door and promises us a first insight into the next generation software. It's pretty exciting.

So, when is everything under? Which games are shown? We will break everything here for you.

When will the PS5 games be revealed?

What date and what time does the PS5 reveal? We have all the regional times listed below:

Sony has postponed the publication of the PS5 games, which was originally planned for Thursday, June 4, 2020. We will update this article as soon as a new appointment is announced.

Where can you see the PS5 revelation event?

Sony has not yet announced where it will radiate its PS5 revelation event, but we can almost guarantee that you can turn on YouTube and Twitch channels at least using the official PlayStation. Be assured that we will organize the PS5 event directly here on the game tip PS4. So look past us on June 4th if you can watch us live.

Which games will we see at the PS5 revelation event?

FULL Sony PS5 Future of Gaming Reveal Event Unfortunately we know nothing safe. However, we have discussed some of the potential games that could be announced during the PS5 revelation. It's speculative, but there are many rumors.

How long will the PS5 revelation event take?

Sony has said that the PS5 revelation event "just over an hour" will last.

Will Sony show the PS5 console hardware during this revelation event?

We are not sure. After what Sony said, this is more about PS5 games than the hardware itself. We would not expect to see the console during this showcase, but you never know it.

Are you looking forward to finally seeing what PS5 can? Tell us in the comments below.


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