How to Get both unshackled event test icon in Apex Legends

Event "Liberation" in Apex Legends is the final event of the 13th season and the only thematic event of the season. This event has two icons that you can unlock during the game, one for each week. Unlike previous thematic events, there is no third badge due to the fact that there is no third week. Remember that every icon can be earned only for the relevant week, even if the event as a whole continues.

All Icons Events "Released"

Both weekly tests pass in the "Royal Battle", in this event there are no tests on the arena. This test set is easier than some other tests of events that we have seen in the past, but the week 1 will take longer than the week 2.

released rage (first week icon)

  • Take 50 Nokdaunov in BR during the 1st week of the UnshackLED event.
  • Available from April 19 to 26.

Opening ALL Apex Legends Unshackled Event Packs!

Unshackled Assault (2nd week icon)

  • Apply 5000 units. Damage in Br During the 2nd week, unshackled events.
  • Available from April 26 to May 3.

The UnshackLED event takes place in Apex Legends from April 19 to May 3. ****

To learn more about Apex Legends, read all new weapons entries in the UnshackLED event for Apex Legends in the Pro. manuals


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