Cheat Sheet and Guide for All Quests Fifth Week Fortnite Resistance

Epic Games recently released the update V20.20 in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, and Quests Resistance: Week 5 have been added to the game files. Tests for these quests are now available in the game in the near future, and players must fulfill them to earn XP. Resistance Quests: Week 5 will be similar to the previous one and divided into several stages.

In resistance there are four tests: quests of the 5th week, and each of them is associated with the ongoing battle between the imaginary order and seven. Players will have to complete each of the tests to unlock the following quest stages. Players can start with the following quests "Resistance: Week 5" After they have fulfilled all tests in the week 4.

  • Installation of wire traps (0/4)
  • Restore disk with data (0/2)

Fortnite All Week 5 Resistance Quests Guide - Chapter 3 Season 2 * Deliver Post Paradigm (0/2) * Arm of the army of loopers (0/5)

At the first stage of resistance: Quests of the 5th week will require the players to establish communication with the device near the command cave, fortress or lakes Lout. After that, you will need to place wire traps in places marked on the map above. Visit the fortress, the POI team cave and the attraction of the district warehouse to install these vessels.

Similarly, players will have to visit the Daily Rubble landmark to get Data Drive for the next stage quest. This is at the smashed airship IO, located north of the mighty monument reference point. At the next stage, players will need to establish a connection with Paradigm in the POI sanctuary. After that, you will need to visit any of the six locations of seven cashposts to start with the last few stages of resistance quests: week 5.

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