Amazon Easter offers: TV, hardware, household, everyday life dramatically cheaper

Amazon calls for the first mega rebate battle of the year. Before the Prime Days come in July and rises in November the Black Friday, the online dealer starts the Amazon Easter offers. From now on (April 1) until the 13th of April there are thousands of offers from all categories. Whether you want to buy a new TV, new hardware for your PC is looking for his home office with height-adjustable desk and gaming chair tuning, which wants to replace the washing machine for one more energy-efficient or re-dressen: mega discounts up to 1,750 euros per article are in! In addition to daily offers, there are flash offers with maximum period of 12 hours available for Prime members 30 minutes earlier. Of course, only: only available as long as stocks last.

Amazon Easter Offers: All Deals at a Glance

Amazon Easter Offers: Top offers for start

TV in the Amazon Easter Offer

Amazon has reduced some TVs from Samsung and JVC to the start of the Easter offers in which Prime members enjoy benefits. So you can buy the Samsung QLED 4K TV Q80A with 85 inches from 2021 with fabulous 1,750 Euro discount - cheaper could never buy this giant TV, the Amazon free shipping, never before. But even TV in "normal" size is available at great prices.

Amazon Oster offers: TV with mega discounts

  • Grundig LED TV (2020) 49 inch 4K UHD for 329 Euro ~~ (749 €) ~~ Cheap like never!
  • Samsung Qled TV (2021) The Frame 4K UHD f. 489 Euro ~~ (1,099 €) ~~ Cheap as never!
  • Samsung Qled TV (2021) 50 inch 4K UHD for 699 Euro ~~ (1.349 €) ~~
  • Samsung QLED TV (2021) 75 inch 4K UHD for 1,111 Euro ~~ (1,899 €) ~~

ТОП-5 товаров электроники в онлайн-магазине Amazon. Лайфхаки для экономии и заработка * Samsung Qled TV (2021) 85 inch 4K UHD f. 2,649 Euro ~~ (3,299 €) ~~ Cheap like never! * Sony LED TV (2021) 85 inch 4K UHD for 2,158.70 Euro ~~ (€ 2,799) ~~ * JVC QLED TV (2022) 65 inch 4K UHD for 689,99 Euro ~~ (939,99 €) ~~ Cheap as never!

Hardware (Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, SSD...) in the Amazon Easter Offer

Who is now looking at Amazon Hardware like a monitor, a mouse, a keyboard, a SSD or more PC accessories while making great bargains, which is guaranteed to find something with the Easter offers. Do not forget: flash offers are available earlier for prime members.

Amazon Easter Offers: Hardware with Mega Discounts

  • Acer Nitro VG270 Gaming Monitor 27 inches for 145.99 euros ~~ (199 €) ~~
  • Samsung Curved Monitor 27 inches, VA panel for 149 Euro ~~ (219 €) ~~
  • MSI Optix Gaming Monitor 27 inch 240 Hz for 279 Euro ~~ (999 €) ~~
  • Crucial P5 Plus SSD 1TB (PS5-compatible) for 119.99 euros ~~ (179.68 €) ~~
  • ASUS ROG STRIX GAMING MAINBOARD for 135.99 euros ~~ (162,90 €) ~~
  • Razer blackwidow v3 gaming keyboard for 88.99 euros ~~ (149,99 €) ~~

Household appliances in the Amazon Easter offers

The Amazon Easter offers can be saved a lot in fridge-freezers, washing machines, dryers and other household appliances, these devices sometimes cost several thousand euros. We have already discovered some great bargains at low prices.

Amazon Easter Offers: Hardware with Mega Discounts

  • Irobot Roomba suction robot for 299.99 Euro ~~ (424,99 €) ~~ Cheap like never!
  • Samsung washing machine 9kg for 375 euros ~~ (399 €) ~~ favorably like never!
  • Haier fridge freezer for 529.90 euros ~~ (1,169 €) ~~ favorably like never!
  • Haiier fridge freezer for 948,90 Euro ~~ (2.409 €) ~~ favorably like never!
  • BOSCH washer 8kg for 659 euros (1,149 €) favorably like never!

Amazon Easter Offers: All Deals at a Glance

Amazon Easter Offers: Benefits for Prime Members

In addition to the daily dates, the Amazon Easter offers also exist so-called flashes, which are available for a maximum of 12 hours (while stocks last). Here, Prime members enjoy benefits, because they can already access the respective lightning offer for 30 minutes earlier. Who is not a prime member yet, has the opportunity to test the benefits like free premium shipments, movies and series with prime video, eBooks with Prime Reading and music streaming with Amazon Music for 30 days.

When do the Prime Days 2022 and the Black Friday 2022 take place?

After the Amazon Easter offers, the Prime Days are likely to be the next big shopping action at the online dealer. A precise appointment has not yet revealed Amazon, but the Prime Days are traditionally taking place in summer. 2021 it was the 21st and 22 June. For the Black Friday 2022 there is already a permanent appointment. "The mother of shopping madness" is rising on 25 November 2022, followed by the Cyber Monday on November 28th.

How do other dealers react to the Amazon Oster offers?

It is common that other major dealers such as Media Markt or Saturn do not simply leave the sales platform to the Amazon Amazon, but want to score points with their own top offers. So it is worthwhile to look for bargains even with these traders.

Massly top offers can be found in our daily updated Daily Deals: graphics card, mainboard, gaming monitor, gaming mouse, gaming chair, TV, games highlights and many other products for PC and console players from Amazon, Media Markt and Co , too often greatly reduced prices. To home page


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