Update: E3 of 2022 has been officially canceled

Update: That shared official statements with IGN , where they confirm the cancellation of E3 of 2022 , while at the same time, they announce that the Event will return by 2023 with a "Revigorated Presentation". Here your comments:

"Let's devote all our energy and resources to deliver a physical and digital revitalized event from E3 next summer of 2023. Whether you enjoy it from the stage or your favorite devices, the presentation of 2023 will gather the community, the media, and the industry in a new format and an interactive experience.

We longed for introducing E3 to our fans around the world live from Los Angeles in 2023. "

ESA added that the cancellation of the 2022 event is because the Organization will focus all its resources at next year's event.

Original note: You will remember that earlier this year, the mentioned that E3 of 2022 would be carrying out digitally once again, this due to the complications caused by the PANDEMIA Covid-19. ** A short time later, reports arose mentioning that in reality, the organizers of the event had already canceled it after scenario, and they were only waiting for the right time to confirm it. Well, it seems that someone was already ahead with this news.

E3 2022 is Officially CANCELLED!! Here's Why... Via Twitter, Will Powers, Assembly of the area of Public Relations of Razer at America , mentioned having received a mail where apparently, the cancellation of E3 2022: is confirmed

"An email has just arrived... it's official, E3 Digital is officially canceled by 2022. I have many feelings found as for this..."

Powers does not mention more details regarding this, but because of the way he describes it, it seems that this mail came directly from the that . At the time of writing, no other means has reiterated these statements, so it will be better to take this information with reservation until some official communiqué corroborates it.

Editor's note : The truth does not sound like something so crazy that E3 2022 has been canceled, and yes, it is a real pity in case it turns out to be true. Either as it is, the E3 was a very special time for the industry and instead, it seems that each company will have its own presentation with their respective ads.


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