Throne and Liberty and Project E: the same universe for two separate games

Last February, NCSOFT announced the development of at least five projects. In the lot, the South Korean developer evoked his MMORPG Throne and Liberty (formerly the Project TL ) and an enigmatic project e whose studio stated that it was linked to Throne and Liberty. In a note published on the official website of the developer, NCSOFT provides details on his dual project: Throne and Liberty and the project E are two distinct MMORPGs, but who share the same universe (the world of NovCrea).


Throne and Liberty - Official Trailer - Work in Progress - NCSoft - PC

NCSoft's first kinematic kinematics

In concrete terms, during the development of Throne and Liberty and its various refocused, the developer imagined enormously of contents, whole continents, peoples, stories, but only used a fraction in Throne and Liberty. Rather than abandoning the surplus, the studio declined it in a second game. This is how the project is born - this is a temporary code name.

To articulate the two projects, NCSoft specifies that Throne and Liberty is a territory that is inspired by the medieval West (the continent of solisium) when the project is drawn in an oriental inspiration (the E of the project is reference to EASTERN, The East) and more specifically in Korean historical folklore (the Laisak continent - the name is temporary).

The two games take place in the same world and at the same time, are confronted with the same great events (divine wars, rains of stars that contributed to the emergence of different peoples of the planet), but rest on two different cultures. At this point, NCSOFT still offers little detail on the precise form that the project E or even on its launch date (the game seems less advanced than its Western counterpart), but the game enjoys the same technologies as Throne and Liberty and Displays the same ambitions - an open and dynamic world, massive play mechanics, boss raids. While waiting to learn more, the Project E reveals its very mystical atmosphere in a first kinematics and delivers some pictures of his world.


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