Soon no wow-subscription more in Russia? Activision Blizzard Stops Sale in Russia

The current incidents in Ukraine cause more and more companies to distance themselves from Russian partners and withdraw their products from the Russian market. That's exactly what Activision Blizzard wants to do. The COO Daniel Alegre announces an official opinion, one will expose the sale of and in games in Russia, as long as the conflict in Ukraine lasts. A step that other companies have also made industry.

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Particularly interesting is the formulation "New Sales of and in our Games" . Because that obviously does not just mean that no new games are sold in the Russian market, but would also mean DLCs and Ingame purchases in existing games - including, for example, a WOW subscription.

No WoW subscription more for Russian players?

Due to the entire Russian market from Wow would be doubt a big step, the Activision Blizzard would cost a lot of money, which would actually be untypical for the company. Some comments Russian players in the forums suggest that this could actually be the case.

On Wowhead, for example, the user Blademasters writes that some of his Russian friends could no longer renew or extend their subscription in recent days. Of course, that does not necessarily correspond to the truth, but in the face of the statement of Daniel Alegre do.

OTHER VOTES Talk about the exclusion less a decision of Blizzard, as rather a forced response that the previous payment methods from the Russian area are no longer working. As a reminder, some Russian banks were in the course of Ukraine Conflict from the International Banking System Swift excluded. This indicates, for example, that the renewing of the subscription with money loud some players does not work anymore, but still works by gold token. What does the step for the many Russian WOW players and artists mean? Can not you play a WOW soon? Source: EXORSUS In addition, Alegre filed great donations for Ukraine. 300,000 dollars have already come together and you will continue to triple every donation of employees for help in Ukraine. The limit per valley donation was also raised from $ 1,000 to $ 10,000.

Here is the complete statement of COO Daniel Alegre:

_Today, President and COO Daniel Alegre Shared the Following Message with our ERPLOYEES: _

Team - Throughout The Past Week, We Have Watched The News from Ukraine and The Worsing Humanitarian Crisis That Is Infolding. Our Company's Commitment is to Help Those Impacted by This TerreFying Violence and to Provide Assistance in Every Way Possible.

Today, We Are Announcing That Activision Blizzard wants Be Suspending New Sales of and in Our Games in Russia While This Conflict Continues. We Will Continue To Look At Ways to Support The Ukrainian People. I Want To Reading You That The Safety of Our Epployees is Our Leadership Team's Top Priority. We Are Doing Everything Possible To Assist Employees, And Their Families, Who Are Being Directly Affected by This Tragedy. IF You Or a Colleague Needs Support, Please Do not Hesitate To Reach Out To Your Manager Or Local HR Leaders. I'd So Like To Remind You That Our Employee Assistance Program IS Available to Those Who Need Emotional Support During This Difficult's Time.

So Want to Take A Moment to Recognize The Incredible Work of Our Teams to Support The Ukrainian People. The Company Is Matching Employee Donations 2: 1 to Organizations Providing Immediate Relief in the Region. Together We Have Raised Over $ 300,000 in This Effort. Next Week WE Plan to Add Additional Charities to Choose From For Consideration and So Will Raise The Company Matching Limit from $ 1,000 to $ 10,000.

So Like to Applaud The Tremendous Contributions from our Colleagues in Poland, Where People Have Volunteered Their Time to Assist Ukrainian Refugees and Others in Need. We Continue To Work With Them To Find Ways WE CAN Further Assist This Effort. We WITH The Ukrainian People And Will Provide Updates On Any New Actions We Take As This Crisis Continues to Unfold.


Do you think that Activision Blizzard really disconnects the complete Russian market from your games - and what does that mean for WOW in your eyes? Apart from that, please ask ourselves why such a message is published by the relatively unknown COO Daniel Alegre? Why did not the strongly battered Bobby Kotick used as CEO this chance for good PR?

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