How to get Green Emerald Gold Rush Puffer in Roblox Alo Sanctuary

On February 9, 2022, the Sanctuary of Alo is a relaxing game focused on yoga, which allows players to explore a quiet card, participate in yoga classes using various collectible postures, and even earn a few exclusive free items! For more information with the most recent of these elements, the green emerald down jacket GOLD RUSH is a summary of how to unlock it, continue to read below!

Emerald energy collection

To unlock the green emerald gold fever, the players need to collect all five spheres of emerald energy scattered on the map of the sanctuary of Alo. These areas, in contrast to the standard spheres, are located in the same places for each player, so you can find them in the shortest possible time after reading our leadership!

The first sphere is on the steps leading to the Alo store, right before the point of experience.

The second sphere is a bit more hidden, she feat in foliage next to the Alo store.

The third sphere is located on the top of the highest hill in the Sanctuary of Alo. You must be able to detect this hill from any corner of the map if you are not underground.

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The fourth sphere can be found immediately outside the cave for Alo in Roblock tent.

The fifth and last sphere is probably the most difficult to find without a guide, since you need to explore the underground caves of the Alo sanctuary. To start searching for this sphere along the simplest way, go to the yoga learning zone opposite the Alo store and find the input to the cave shown below. As soon as you find it, jump from the platform for learning yoga and log in to it.

Entering the cave, you will be forced to choose which way you want to explore. To find a ball, follow the path to the right.

After passing a few seconds right, you will find yourself in a large open cave - it is here that you can find the last sphere.

After collecting all the balls, a pop-up window will appear, congratulating you with the unlocking of the green-emerald fugue of the Golden Fever!

As they say in the pop-up window, this jacket should appear in your avatar inventory for several hours. However, to see how the jacket looks like this, you can try it out and put it in the game by choosing a backpack icon on the right side of the screen and choosing a jacket from your inventory.

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