Dofus Touch Announcement Betavers, the new Beta Server Challenge

At the dawn of update 1.54, a brand new challenge awaits you on Dofus Touch beta servers: betavers. By completing up to 10 dungeons, you will be able to get numerous rewards on the official game servers.

The beta server for the square update of AS will soon open its doors. This is the subject of the ankamalive of March 22, 2022 that you can follow with us. On this edition, you can enjoy Betavers for the very first time.

The 10 dungeons concerned by this first edition are:

  • Otomai ark

BETAVERSO DOFUS TOUCH // TEMPORIS EN DOFUS TOUCH? * Dragon Dragon Antre * Gelaxy dimension * Dungeon of the soft oak * Skeunk's lair

  • Donjon Rats from Amakna Castle
  • Valley of the Water Lady
  • Frostfoux lair
  • Bambusaie de Damadrya

If you finish these dungeons by the end of the beta on March 30, several rewards are available. As often, these rewards are limited to one per character. Rewards will appear directly in the inventory up to 48 hours after the end of the beta.

  • For 6 or more dungeons completed: 1x Tonneau Tonnel (Familiar).
  • For 10 finished dungeons: 1x Astrub mercenary helmet (title "Dungeon cleaner").

But while waiting for the beta server to open its doors, you can still look at the latest news Dofus Touch.


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