Two Point Campus: Archeology Course goes to the house

Sega has released new information about Two Point Campus - the entertaining build-up simulation appears on May 17, 2022 for PC and consoles. Then including archeology course, which is presented in detail here.

Who did not want to discover antique ruins, digging artifacts that have been lost for thousands of years, or find remains of old civilizations? In Two Point Campus one can now construct his whip-surgical, hat-carrying, adventurous professor and sign up his students and students for the archeology course, where they will be lucky and fame along their way through ditch, scanning and dusting.

Archaeology Course Reveal | Two Point Campus In this first short video of a range of course fillings for Two Point Campus you get an insight into the archeology course in which students accept a number of challenges to discover artifacts. Her students can use tools such as blades, brushes and metal detectors to discover items scattered through various excavation sites. You should always make sure to train his students well - because the more they know, the more extraordinary things they will dig.

Two Point Campus is a charming management simulation where you create the university of its dreams designed by his students and managed everything therebetween. Two Point Campus appears on May 17, 2022 for PC and consoles. Players can pre-order the game here physically and digitally via the First Party Stores - the pre-order for Nintendo Switch over the eShop will follow soon. Two Point Campus will also be available from Launch in the Xbox Game Pass for consoles and PC Game Pass.


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