Lost Ark: Successful person! That's why players want 50 friends!

In Lost Ark, there are a series of hidden successes that can be viewed in the success overview (accessible via the game menu) only when you have unlocked it. The diving then under "Other" => "hidden", and about these successes you can unlock the experience points for a squad as well as from time to time. However, there is an achievement rewarded with more and for a regular chat spam for a regular chat spam for a few days...

Be a favorite man!

Successful success listens to the title "Favorite men" (in English: "People Person") and requests you to pack a total of 50 players in your friends list. Since hardly anyone has brought so many friends to Arkesia, so often have to serve outsiders. The result: For several days, there was an "add me" spam in the chat, and now players are looking for potential friends who may invite them. But what does the success bring? Well, if your "favorite person" successfully completes, 1,000 amethyst fragments land in your universal warehouse. There are 520 experience points for your squad.

Exchanging amethyst fragments

And what can you do with the amethyst fragments? Bring this to a mysterious man in one of the capitals. This is also titled as exchange NPC for amethyst fragments. For example, you can receive the following offers for fragments for the dealer:

Lost Ark Hidden Achievements - People Person, Add 50 Friends | Quick Way To Get Free Amethyst Shards * 14 days crystalline aura for 6,600 amethyst fragments * Relationship follow-up (3 epic relationship chairs) for 2,200 amethyst fragments * 3 x fighting track for 2,200 amethyst fragments

  • Pheon chest for 2,200 amethyst fragments
  • Arkesia paper mask skin for 6,600 amethyst fragments
  • Companion tricks for trick, clipping and whimpering for 6,600 amethyst fragments each
  • Ship Skin for 6,600 amethyst fragments

Lost Ark: Successful person! That's why players want 50 friends! (1) Source: successes

  • Emote star dance for 6,600 amethyst fragments
  • Sailing Skin for 6,600 amethyst fragments
  • Companion selection chest for 13,200 amethyst fragments
  • Legendary emoticon package for 13,200 amethyst fragments
  • Riding Golden Warwolf for 22,000 amethyst fragments

For example, other amethyst fragments will be obtained, for example, about prime gaming or other successes such as "first step" (enters the audit arena, 500 amethyst fragments) or "beginner luck" (gains in the exam arena, 500 amethyst fragments).

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