Where to find Platypt in Temtem

Playpen is a particularly adorable appearance tested, which looks strikingly like an ornithology. It does not have a long time, because this type of water and toxic becomes more sturdy with each of its two evolutions. Platy pt will evolve in Plato after leveling 20 times, and Plato will evolve in Plateaus after 20 other levels. A wild ornithornic should have toxic affinity and amphibian features.

Ornithoryryn is a popular Tested because of the advantages of a water and toxic type. Playpen will be strong against the types of water, fire and earth, but is weak against the types of electricity and wind. It will do and will suffer regular damage from all other types, making it an excellent TEM TEM filler for your team.

The origins of Passage are very interesting and increased its popularity. Originally designed as a hoax by Leopoldo Spain, parts of the Internet were convinced that it was a new Pokémon. Poke ninja, a Twitch Streamer, fell in love with design and was so sad that it was not a real Pokémon design that he decided to try to integrate TEM TEM, who was running a Kick start campaign at the time. He bought a special Kickstarter level that allowed people to offer a Tested design, and then put CREME in contact with Spain, and the rest is in history.

Where to find Planet

You can find Platy pt on the island of UCLA. They will appear in corrupt badlands, the Color tank and mints of Milan. You can not find Plato or Plateaus in nature and will need to evolve them from a Playpen.

Platy pt statistics

HP — 55 STA — 39 SPD — 65

How To Get Oceara & Nessla EARLY in Temtem! The BEST Water Temtem! ATK — 45 Def — 31 Spark — 67 SPD EF — 59




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