Ricochet of WWE, King Woods and Kofi Kingston Debutan in Tekken Gear on Day 1

The Event of Day 1 of the WWE tonight began the new year with some important parties, and some of your favorite superstars of the WWE decided to celebrate the special occasion with equipment inspired by the Main Event Gear games and Jonathan Davenport. King Woods, KOF Kingston and Ricochet decided to use teams based on some larger fighters in Mega Banzai NAMC Fighting Games, Taken, and Davenport delivered designs from Jin Mazama assassin teams, Bryan Fury And, most appropriate, King. Each one looks like some great details and manages to give life to the chosen characters, and you can see all the incredible designs in the publications below.

TEKKEN NIGHT #3: Samoa Joe vs. Jimmy Uso vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Austin Creed!

First is Ricochet, who wore Jin Mazama's team. This is the most direct comparison, since he recreates the red and yellow flame of Jin's registered trademark on the right leg of his trousers and red and black glove lets he uses. He even presents the tacos at the top, which means that the only thing that is missing is fire around Ricochet blows.

Davenport included a legend with the design of the team, writing «@Kingricochet looks a super elegant design tonight, which is my interpretation of Jin Mazama from taken! @MaineventGear was in the place to give life to this design! TEKKEN7 WWEDAYOONE The following is the KOF Kingston team, which is inspired by Bryan Fury. His pants present the many straps, buckles and bullets that Fury uses so often, while the vest is inspired by Fury's green jacket and the skull mask that he sometimes uses on his mouth.

Davenport published the images of the design with the legend The king's hand, KOF Kingston, looks a hybrid design of me inspired by taken tonight... Channeling Bryan Fury! TEKKEN7 WWEDAYOONE THENEWDAY ».

Finally, but certainly not least, Woods is wearing a King inspired team, which is appropriate since it is also King Woods in the WWE. The team is inspired by two different styles of King, one is the bright yellow and blue equipment he uses in the game and the other is based on the coat and black and white pants.

The pants are blue, yellow and black, while the boots are white. The jacket is black and white with gold details, combining two different suits in a stylized style. Davenport published the design with the legend King Woods looks at my King's interpretation of taken combining two different designs in a single look appropriate for King !! taken weapon thenewday They really surpassed themselves with their Taken team, and tell us what your favorite is in the comments! You can also talk to me about everything related to wrestling and games on Twitter @mattaguilarcb!


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