Progemer Justin Wong, and Digo. New Year's Early Let's Go Justin, Backwater Reverse Drama Futo

Properer Justin Wong posted a video of reverse losing at his own Twitter account on January 4th. The video excerpted with the two TWITCH, the same videos are in the blink of the community's response and laughter. Backgrounds there was an event that remains in the fighting game history dating back in 2004.

Justin Wong is a professional fighter game player based in the United States. He has been known as the Marvel vs. Cap com and Street Fighter series, leaving outstanding results at the tournament and is known as the strongest player. He is one of the last 20 years of the legendary player who continues to run for the forefront of the US fighting game world for over 20 years.

I posted Street Fighter III 2nd Impact-Giant Attack- that he posted this time. Kabuki, who operates Bruno, I am leaving a wing fan who is a continuous attack super arts (so-called special move). The opponent's Ken is slightly left for their physical strength, and one more step to victory. But his brilliant feet were all blocked by the opponent's Ken. Moreover, with the counterattack of Ken, who was released, Wong decided to drop the round.

In fact, this scene reproduces a certain case. It may not be possible to remember the sense of vision. Another Wong I'm doing this guy digging! I'm dragged !! Also, the tweet has comments as if the trauma is emerging, though I just started in 2022. Many echoes are sent to the same tweet, and the article writing is over 8000 retweets. The reason why this tweet called the response, and why Wong shouted Day will be described later.

First, who is Day ? It is a legendary Japanese professional fighter game player who is a legendary Japanese professional fighter game player. Mr. Wong and Mr. Sahara are a partner of a common name backwater reverse play that is told by fighting game history. Backdating reverse play occurred in the world scale fighting game tournament EVE 2004 held in 2004. Two top players from the time are crashed by the Street Fighter III 3rd Strike unit semifinals. Wong was Haunt, Mr. Sahara selected Ken.

The moment of miracle, Mr. Sahara's Ken got up in the difficulty of being forced to almost zero. Wong releases Super Arts Awaken Fan to Mr. Sahara, a vulgarity. In a normal guard, the physical strength will be cut and defeated. However, Mr. Sahara has left blocking that allows you to spend enemy attacks with no damage. Although blocking can invalidate damage, extremely dense lever input according to the enemy's attack is required. A merciless leg approaching with the voice of Let's Go Justin !! by the audience. However, Mr. Sahara has been hard to strike as God, and he returned to Wong as it was. The venue was stuck in a vortex of enthusiasm, and the videos with this event were spread on the web. In Japan, Let's Go Justin and Backwash's Reverse Play, as well as Diego Parry, etc., and it became a topic that has become a well-known layer that does not usually fight a fighting game.

Wong is this video, and just before shooting the skill, You are not a dago? He also remembered something that is likely to do with the same character as the backwater reverse drama and almost similar situation. The audience also cares and comments with Let's Go Justin!. And, as expected, the historical moment has been reproduced. Wong laughed at Hysteric every time the blocking overlaps, It's not Ya lase! I'm not a Ya lase! I'm dragged! (Diego'd Me). In November 2014, Wong has re-reproducing reverse drama with Mr. Sahara. If Wong has never been dragged, it will be a third digging experience for the first time in about 7 years.

Mr. Wong, who was dragged early. However, in the same situation as the same character, it is a pretty rare event that meets the other person with the required player skills. I want you to be active this year as a sign of good luck


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