Life is Strange: Before The Storm - Optional Tags, Episode Places

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In your adventure on Life is Strange: Before The Storm Remastered, you will have the opportunity to make optional tags. These are your way of influencing the world during your adventure. There are 10 to realize in each episode, more or less simple to find.

To help you make all optional tags and thus unlock successes and trophies (depending on your platform) to complete the game at 100%, our guide gives you the location of each of the Tags of Before The Storm.


1 episode 1: Awaken — All Optional Tags

1.1 Recreational vandalism — old sawmill, exterior

1.2 I think, so I saw — old sawmill, interior

1.3 The last unicorn — House of the Price, upstairs

1.4 Basic DIY — House of Prices, First Floor

1.5 Rock Star — Blackwell Campus

1.6 Dramatic Personae — Theater Workshop

1.7 Rugged de Crochard — Train

1.8 Spirit of the pioneers — Belvedere

1.9 Face your anger — discharge

1.10 Lucid Writing — Dream

2 episode 2: Splendid New World — All Optional Tags

2.1 Theatrical Writing — Parking

2.2 Radical piracy — discharge

2.3 Feelings of escape — discharge

2.4 Cannon Wall — Discharge Shelter

2.5 Wishes List — Camper

2.6 Forest Friends — dormitories

2.7 Not heavy — dormitories

2.8 In deity Recording — Boys Dormitory

2.9 The price of vanity — scenes

2.10 Bestial character — Amber House

3 episode 3: Hell is empty — All optional photos

3.1 American Graffiti — Rachel Room

3.2 Tired of Homework — Rachel Room

3.3 Between colleagues — House of Prices, upstairs

3.4 Monthly masterpiece — House of Price, upstairs

3.5 Spilled portrait — discharge

3.6 Unguarded — Hospital

3.7 Salyut Nanny! — Hospital

3.8 Locate — Hospital

3.9 Perot at the office — Amber House, Office

3.10 A BEAUTIFUL B DEL — Old sawmill

Episode 1: Awaken — All Optional Tags

In Awaken , episode 1 of Life is Strange: Before The Storm, you will have the opportunity to make 10 optional tags.

Recreational vandalism — Old sawmill, exterior

After spanning the barrier at the entrance of the sawmill, direction the camper. Go around it to tag between two windows.

This tag must imperatively be made before forcing the passage to enter the sawmill.

I think, so I saw — old sawmill, interior

Once inside the sawmill, you spot two men to the counter. Behind them is an old saw blade that you can tag.

Attention, this tag must be done before entering the pit.

The last unicorn — House of the Price, upstairs

In Chloe's room, a unicorn poster is on one of the walls. Tell it to be able to make a tag behind.

You have to tag this wall before leaving the room.

BUE DIY — House of the Price, First Floor

After getting out of the house, direction the garage. Once the tools are recovered in the box, you can tag it.

The tag must be realized before you gave its tools to David.

Rock Star — Blackwell Campus

Life Once on the campus, go behind the scene and head to the pool. You can tag the wall just right of the entrance.

You have to tag it before taking the stairs that allow you to enter the school.

Dramatic Personae — Theater workshop

When Rachel ask you to get his belt, direction the lodges to tag the poster in front of the door.

You must obviously do it before bringing his belt back to Rachel.


Before doing anything on the train, move the case on the ground and go to the bottom of the wagon to make a tag over the text on the wall.

If you sit down the box, you will not be able to move it and tag the wall.

Spirit of pioneers — Belvedere

Approach you from the big statue on the Belvedere Square to tag.

The tag is to be made before recovering the room in the binoculars.

Face your anger — Discharge

When you find yourself with the baseball bat in the hands, start by breaking the panel on which it is written Good Kiddos. Then watched on the paint pots just behind you. The panel is splashed and you can then tag.

It must be done before having break the other elements, otherwise the kinematics will be triggered.

Lucid Writing — Dream

You wake up by car. Perform these actions in order:

  • Watch the poster on the backrest folder in front of you and then move it.
  • Try tagging the seat, but you can not.
  • Look at the bottle of wine next to you and then take the marker that serves as a cap.
  • Vague the seat.

Episode 2: Splendid New World — All Optional Tags

In splendid new world , episode 2 of Life is Strange: Before The Storm, you will have the opportunity to make 10 optional tags.

Theatrical writing — Parking

Once on the parking lot, go near the pickup on your right, behind the van. Examine the cartons to tag one of them.

You must do it before joining Joyce and David at the bottom of the car park.

Radical piracy — Discharge

As soon as you can, go on the left towards the boat. At the back of the boat, you can try to climb, but you will not get there. Move the wooden palette on the left then climb on the boat. You can then tag the red car hood on it.

The tag is to realize before repairing and decorated the car.

Escape Feelings — Discharge

Once the car repaired and decorated, you can tag the top of the back seat.

You must do it with using the cigarette package to smoke.

Cannon wall — Discharge shelter

After Rachel's departure, in your new home, you can tag the wall on your right. Before leaving the building, obviously!

List of wishes — CAMPING CAR

Once in Frank's motor home, you can tag the shopping list on the right side of the sink.

Do it before bringing the notebook back to Frank.

Forest friends — dormitories

To enter the dormitories, you must attract Samuel, the goalkeeper, outside his local. Proceed as follows:

  • Try to open the dormitory door, then go to the guard's lodge and watch the keys.
  • Get out of the lodge, look at the automatic sprinkler and go scare the bird to go to the bunch of seeds against the totem.
  • Frame again with the bird that will go on the totem, then break the automatic sprinkler.
  • Once Samuel has left the room, you can tag the door!

This tag, as the next, is to be made before entering the dormitory.

not heavy — dormitories

Always in front of the dormitories is a fresh cement slab. Do not hesitate to walk on it and sign your work of art!

As the previous one, this tag is to be made before entering the dormitory.

Indelible recording — Boys Dormitory

Enter in room 105, whose door is ajar. Open the desktop drawer to play the intimate newspaper, then exit the room and delete the on the table next to the entrance to write your own ideas.

You must do it before entering the DREW room.

The price of vanity — Scenes

Once your raven costume threaded and before climbing on stage, tag the mirror of your lodge with lipstick.

Bestial character — House of Amber

To achieve this tag, you have to proceed precisely.

  • Talk to Rachel's mother and offer your help.
  • Start by taking the plates in the closet behind her and put them on the table, then go back to talk to him.
  • Talk to Rachel's father and ask him what he wants to drink, then go back to his mother.
  • Head to the Chinese buffet next to the table, and take the glass to put it at the table.
  • Further go talking to Rachel's mother, then turn on the candles on the table.
  • Talk one last time Rachel's mother away, allowing you to tag on the fridge before starting the meal!

Episode 3: Hell is empty — All optional photos

In Hell is empty , episode 3 of Life is Strange: Before The Storm, you will have the opportunity to make 10 optional tags.

American Graffiti — Rachel room

Next to the bed is a map you can tag. It must be done before using the lamp to console Rachel.

Tired of homework — Rachel room

On the office of Rachel, tagged the calendar that is on the right side of the laptop. Do it before using the lamp to console Rachel.

Between colleagues — House of Prices, upstairs

Once in Chloe's room, a class photo is on the small shelf near the window.

Tag Prior to get off on the first floor.

Monthly masterpiece — House of Prices, upstairs

See you in Chloe's mother's room to tag the calendar just right at the entrance.

And what, before going down on the first floor.

Spreader Portrait — Discharge

When repairing the car, perform these precise actions.

  • Look at the fuel filter on the right, then disassemble it.
  • Once the filter disassembled, look at it again for Chloe blows in, then tagging the hood.

The tag must be made before finishing repairing the battery, the timing belt and the machinchouette.

dolor — Hospital

Start by going to the distributor in front of the reception. A chocolate bar is stuck. After watching it, you can slam the distributor three times to drop it, and tag it.

If the option for the tag does not appear, first make the next tag and return it. These tags must be realized before entering Rachel's room.

Salyut Nanny! — Hospital

Always in the waiting room, head to the elevators. You cross two older knowledge. Once they are gone, advance towards the door to tag advertising on the billboard.

These tags must be realized before entering Rachel's room.

Locate — Hospital

See you in room 785, that of Drew, where is a pudding on the table. Start by talking with him and use the following answers:

  • Are not you're afraid of me? » You puff to compensate. »
  • Better to have loved. »
  • We are all losers. »

Once done, talk to him again and propose him to tag his plaster.

These tags must be realized before entering Rachel's room.

Poisson in office — Amber House, Office

Open the desktop tray. After looking at the sherry bottle, you can leave small graffiti.

Do it before recovering money for Diamond.

A BEAUTIFUL B DEL — Old sawmill

Start by recovering the knife planted in the beam. Then, move the corrugated sheet to the right to unveil the message written on the wall. At the time of tag, you will end up... Destroy it with knife.

Do it before going to the other room.

If you have followed our guide on Life Is Strange: Before The Storm, these are no less than 30 optional tags that you have made.


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