Halo Infinite: Fracture: Tenrai Event returns with these changes

In the Multiplayer of Halo Infinite players now have another opportunity to level the pass for the Fracture: Terrie Event.

The event runs with its revised pass until January 11, 2022. It will return later this year.

Halo Infinite | Fracture: Tenrai Returns After the feedback of the player, developers played 343 Industries some changes. So you can now rise ten stages per week. Before it was only seven.

If you want to unlock everything in the event, you still have to participate in several weeks. But one hopes that players will find an acceleration.

Players also criticized that they had to do eventless challenges or to use challenge swaps to get an event challenge in rotation. Here you also took adjustments to ensure that you always create at least one event challenge, unless you have left for the week.

Event challenges now also appear earlier in your challenge rotation and the border per week was increased from seven to ten.

In the event pass, from level 10, EP and challenge boost continued to replace EP and challenge boosts. There are now 11 free new items available.

343 Industries has also added premium offers from the shop to the remaining weeks of the event pass that are now free. However, the substantive changes take effect from the second week. Premium purchases in the store from the first week remain exclusively in the store and will not be added.

An overview of the revised rewards of the passport in the Fracture: Terrie Event:


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