Epic Games founded a studio in Poland with the elders of Plastic (Bound)

Epic Games may have rendered his freedom to People Can Fly but does not give up Poland. In a statement, the company announces the creation of a new studio that will allow the ancient plastic to give birth to new creations.

Even if the name of Plastic does not evoke anything, especially if you are not familiar with the demo scene, maybe you have already crossed to Linger in Shadows, Data or Bound, singular and artistic titles published By Sony Interactive Entertainment during the PS3 and PS4 years. Epic Games decided to take this little team under his wing, not to be swallowed by the Fortnite machine but to design original creations.

Our team is incredibly proud to be the spearhead of EPIC's growth in Poland. Poland is a growing hub for the best engineering talents we need to create new amazing game experiences for Players from around the world, Comment Michael Staniszewski, who founded Plastic in 1997. The new team will now seek to grow and recruits engineers, facilitators and producers.


The interest of Epic Games for Poland is a good sign more for a market that already has studios also in view that CD Project, Tech land, People Can Fly, 11 bit Studios, Flying Wild Hog, Blooper Team or CI Games.


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