Does Netflix say goodbye to shared accounts?

Netflix is one of the most important streaming platforms currently. Although nowadays, it seems rather common, at the time it was something innovative to see that different profiles could exist with just one account. However, a new report seems to indicate that this will change substantially in a future.

According to The Washington Post, the shared accounts will be substantially modified to prevent people from sharing different profiles, if they do not live in the same place. While this is just a test at the moment, it has been reported that several users have received the following message:

If you do not live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to keep watching.

At the moment this has only been reduced to a warning, and at the request of a code that reaches who pays the account. It is important to mention that this change is not focused on restricting the use of shared accounts, but is dedicated to ensuring that these are used by people living in one place. At the moment it is unknown when it is that this will be implemented in a general way.

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Netflix How To Share Account - How To Share Account With Friends and Family Instructions, Guide Editor's note:

While it is true that platforms like Spotify already employ this technique, this restricts a lot of the sharing of an account. We only hope that this is not a trend that HBO Max, Disney + and other platforms begin to implement.


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