Black calls back later to the "Reaction"

Last with only 17 points, with only 14 shot gates the weakest storm of the league, the six-point game against Very and thus also lost the connection to the saving shore: the Würzburg saving shores are deep in the crisis.

saving shores-Coach Danny black was served according to the final whistle: That feels the tenth game that gives you in the last second, the black annoyed at Magenta sport. Thus you drive home with a point and can also live with it. So the game could have knocked out in both directions. It stops in the wrong direction.

I expect a reaction.

Danny black

After a harmless first half, black with the performance of his team in the second round was actually more satisfied: We have started the first half-time more defensive. That all the game dominates the game is clear. Second half we were much better in the game.

For the near future, black set a clear goal: I expect the team scores. I expect a reaction.


The SC VERY could leave the descent ranks through the 2-0 victory and conquer 15. Trainer Merino Cassette was happy about the deserved threesome: If we had just brought a point, I would not have understood the world anymore. We have shown that we can play football, so the coach after wrapping. We have shown that we can work out chances. We have shown that we can play to zero — that makes me happy. Oh — and that we win 2: 0 today, that's just great. Just great for the boys.

Rabbinic celebrates indescribable hits

Karim Rabbinic, who had cracked the Würzburg defensive latch with his goal for 1: 0, was very pleased after the game: Highly deserved, but indescribably such a goal shortly before the end. Highly deterrent victory.

While it is different with the Halleschen FC and Viktoria Cologne, the saving shores with three points remain low on table room MTV Duisburg deep in the table cellar. Points are not easier, the next match day you will receive the current fifth-placed Mannheim er (Saturday, 14 o'clock, live! At saving shore).


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