Tomorrow starts with versus a new event in FIFA 22 - what is it about?

In FIFA 22 stands with versus a brand-new event in front of the door. Everything we know about the new promo can be found here.

Actually, the FUT community has certainly expected an announcement of the winter freeze event, but EA surprised and has introduced a completely new event with Versus, which is still strongly reminiscent of Freeze cards of last year from the design.

Thus, for the second time there will be no classic Fut mas event.

What is that for Event? Next to the name is not too much known about the new FUT promo. There is only a charging screen that announces the event. Two cards can be seen on this photic charging screen, which seem to compete against each other. Maybe you have to decide for a variant?

We clarify the rumors and tell you what could expect you in the Versus event.

VERSUS PROMO KOMMT! ???????? Loading Screen erklärt! TOTW 12 & Silver Stars! | FIFA 22 Ultimate Team That could expect us in the versus event

How does the new event work? On Reddit, the announcement of the new event is hotly discussed and speculated as the new concept could work. The most plausible is for many players that you could have choice between two different versions of the same player at the event.

A version could then offer values ​​as well as an upgrade with weak foot and the alternative probably upgrading with the skill moves. It could then be that for the upgrade of the weak foot, for example, some other values ​​of the player could sink.

But how to unlock the players and what it will give for further content is not yet known.

Also consider that this is only rumors. Once we get official information about the event, you will learn it on Mango.

When does the event start? The new versus promo starts according to the charging screen on 10th December at 19:00 in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

What do you think about the announcement? Are you looking forward to the event? We like to tell us in the comments!

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