In Dota 2 you will play on rain and in mode

Egomania all-powerful returns to Data 2 and has a completely new battle pass and event mode — and this time I need your help! Thanks to an unfortunate accident with a containment device, Afghani's proficiency in magical arts was divided into the entire Band of his Alter Ego, which materialized in our world from other parts of the Multi-purpose.

Prepare yourself for an amazing adventure in Africa's maze, which is a dedicated attraction for a four-person team running with each other as part of cooperation. The battlecruiser also provides access to a completely new person for Mir any, ARYAN ford row Ranger, a prestigious package for Hoodwink, biscuit treasures and treasury filled with other prizes. Details here.

As the dimensions of the Continuum penetrate itself to mysterious ways, the update also introduces a world in which you can play Data 2 using the controller instead of a standard combination of mice and keyboard, giving players a new way to play their fights. Starting from choosing the hero, and on the destruction of ancient ending, you can win a victory in the game, connecting any controller with Steam Input to the computer (including PS / Xbox / Switch Pro and other controllers) and throwing into a fight.

Undoubtedly you have to take a lot of things, so (just like everything in the game) it will require a bit of inspiration, but the controller will enable the gameplay for each hero — from Wraith King after Meet. This is an experimental feature that is still developing, so Valve asks for an opinion on how it all works. If it works, of course.

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You can find more details here.


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