How to build bridges and slopes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Cross your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is saving time. What is the best way for you to go from one place to another? A great way to connect your island is to use bridges and slopes.

You must unlock the museum and the Nook Cranny. You must have fully open and available. After that, Tom Nook will explain how he wants to enlarge the island and add more space. Tom provides you with the DIY recipe to unlock the bridge, and you start making them at any station. You will need: four wooden stakes, four clay and four stones. Among the materials, the wooden stakes will be the longest because you need three woods for everyone, which means you have to gather a total of 12 wood to build all wooden stakes.

When the item is ready, you can place it at any location on your island to connect it to another section of the island and connect both. You now have extra space for your new home Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

To build a slope, you must move a little more from your way to build it. Appointment first in your resident service building and talk to Tom Nook to discuss the infrastructure and choose the tilt option. You can choose from these options:

Natural ramp: 98,000 bells Blue plank ramp: 128,000 bells White plank ramp: 128,000 bells Log stairs: 168,000 bells

TERRAFORMING TIPS AND TRICKS (EP.02) BRIDGES! Animal Crossing: New Horizons Brick staircase: 168,000 bells Blue steel staircase: 228,000 bells Red steel staircase: 228,000 bells

When choosing the one you like, you will receive Tom's object, and you can place it where you want to add it to your island. However, you do not have to pay all these bells in advance. A construction worker will be held next door, and you can give them small portions of bells to finish construction. When you reach full of you, you are ready to go and the project is over.

These projects are a great way to change your island and make the location crossing much faster than normal. You also have more room for your favorite projects.


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