Hell Horror RTS AGONY: LORDS OF HELL Armical operation and trailer released by the king of hell

Team Alpha and Publisher's Mad mind Studio will be held in RELY ON Horror at Midnight 2021: Horror Showcase at the Ergo Hell Horror AGONY series new work AGONY: LORDS OF HELL The trailer of has been released.

This work is a real-time strategy game where the story between agony and succubus drawn. The player will conquer the enemy territory and aim to rule hell with the king of the Underworld King Nimrod and Succubus Lidia.

Succubus Intro Trailer - Female Demons- Hell Monsters - Action Horror Adventure - Video Game In the trailer, you can see how to operate your army, the figure of its empire and the king of the majestic hell is drawn with the polite mosaic process.

AGONY: LORDS OF HELL will be delivered to Steam for PC. In 2022, Kickstarter will start cloudfandings.

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