Destiny 2 Christmas Event Breaking 2021 starts today - these are the new armor and items

Tonight Festering 2 starts his Christmas event, the Breakthrough 2021. Cookies are baked again to earn cool items. Mango tells you how the new dendrite shimmer — emergency ornaments look as well as which gift rewards wait for you on you.

Like every year in December, it will be in Destiny 2 wintry. The Dawn 2021 (Eng. The Dawning), the traditional Christmas event begins and the tower shines for this in a wintry light gloss. The guardians meet Eva Levant again and bake with their event delicious cookies for the NPCs, do new tasks and earn frosty gifts for it.

Who can participate in the event? Each guardian is invited to join in the activities of the 1321 activity. In order to participate in the event, so you have to have no DLC or a Season Pass. It is sufficient if you have played the first introductory mission in the Komodo to be there.

When is the trailer? Currently Bungee has not yet published a trailer to the event. As soon as that happens, we will complement this course here in the article.


Eva Levant, Destiny 2 Spacetime, expects all interested keepers on the tower and has their oven again, so that their delicious cookies for the NPCs can bake and deliver. Overall, there are 11 new triumphs that you can do. In addition, Eva presents special quests and prey trains for which you will visit with different items and weapons.

The sword Zephyr, from the 13th of 2017, returns again — this time with Stasis instead of Arius and the new Perk Cold Steel, which ensures that charged matches slow down goals. And also the machine gun cold frown, the solar machine gun avalanche and the empty fusion rifle Gladiolas are again under the rewards. How always many winter-frosty items, emotes and effects

When does the Break event start? The pitch starts tonight after the weekly reset at 18:00. Traditionally, Bungee celebrates a total of three weeks of Christmas, so from 14 December to 4 January 2022.

So you have enough time to get all the rewards and farm your Gondolas, such as an avalanche with the new perks get along and adrenaline junkie or first shot.

How does the event work? The rewards deserve you through triumphs and baking and delivery of fresh burglar cookies. While she plays Destiny 2, her recipes and ingredients collect. These can then be baked in the festive stoves, which EVA brings. Each NPC has his favorite cookies. If you present him with the right variety, you also get to thank you something.

Naval is on explosive Gjallardoodles : Commander Naval, for example, is looking forward to fresh Gjallardoodles cookies from you this year. For this you only need an ether rod, a delicious explosion and a little breakdown essence.

2021 new recipes and ingredients will certainly come back. So that you can always get an overview, what makes it delicious and what you need for the recipes, here is the complete list from last year:

In the rewards that you can earn through the cookie cheeks, the empty fusion rifle Gladiolas has already taken care of in advance for a lot of excitement.

This old break-weapon is especially hyped: Players want to have figured that thanks to two perks could be the absolute must-have this year's events. The weapon should be able to condom and Memory Salve in 2021 with the Perks.

By weapon kills, the magazine from the reserves would reload the magazine, while memory-salvo makes the next shot equipped with additional damage and explodes enemies when they die. A really deadly comb that Gladiolas would make a very strong weapon. Above all, there are currently fusion rifles, with mods like particle decomposition also supported over the seasonal artifact.

In the shop, 2021 also expect new pitch armor for all three classes.

This offers you Tess at the Breakthrough 2021 in the everversum

In addition to different, icy emotes, such as ski jump or snowshoes, TESS in the ever severs also offers special breaking armor as ornaments.

On Twitter, Destinies was already published a first picture of the new armament ornament set for 2021, which revealed frosty-shimmering armor.

On Reddit also published further pictures of the new armor:

What costs the armament ornaments? If your prices have not changed, then you can buy the universal armament ornament sets of the three classes for each 6,000 gloss dust (repayable in game currency) or 1,500 silver.

The snowballs return 2021 also: Bungee also fulfills another guardian desire at this year's Breaking event. Namely, snowballs return to Destiny 2 and become stasis damage and effects. So you may again organize snowball slaughter and throw you with frost effects.

Long Winter : extends the duration of slowing effects of snowballs. Even longer winter : Increases the slowdown effect with opponents who suffered damage through snowballs. The longest winter : Snowballs freeze fighters who have suffered damage through them. Stay cool : Snowballs leave a stasis mine when they hit.

Are you at the event and bakes hardworking cookies for the Destiny-2-NPCs to get all Christmas event items? Or are you rather picking you the brand new artful armor in the dungeon so-called the greed so that you are well-prepared for the start of the witch king ? What do you say to the return of the snowball battles?


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