Blizzard again sells his games. From wow

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Did not get on Black Friday Sale ? That's okay. Blizzard for the second time (in just dozens of days) started with the sale of their leading games.

Now on the occasion of Christmas and New Year. Welcome here

— 50% on World of Warcraft: Shadow lands — 20 Euro (PLN 92)

— 50% on tops in World of Warcraft — from 12.5 euros (PLN 57)

— 50 for animals in World of Warcraft — from 5 euros (PLN 23)

— 30% for a change in breed, fraction and transfers of the character — from 17.5 euros (PLN 81)

— 30% on Burning Crusade Dark Pass — from 28 euros (PLN 130)

What Will Blizzard Choose? (WoW's Future) — 30% on Overwatch — 15 euros (PLN 69)

— 50% on Overwatch Legendary Edition — 20 Euro (PLN 92)

— 25% on Diablo 2 Resurrected — 30 Euro (PLN 138)

— 35% on Diablo 2 Resurrected Prime Evil Collection — 39 Euro (180 PLN)

— 20% on parcels on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the company — from 16 euros (74 PLN)

Important: Diablo 3 prices have not even changed for a zloty...

These are not cheap things — especially if we compare to numerous sales from steam — but not from today it is known that Blizzard very much appreciates its products.

Someone will say that even too much, taking into account the entire negative climate that accompanies will flow from mid-this year.

Sale will last until January 3.


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