[Todays steam] Pipa 22 40% discount, etc.

A weekend discount on weekends were started. While various games are discounted, FIFA series Latin FIFA 22 was released 40% in 1 month, and the steam-top sales product was 3rd.

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FIFA 22 is the latest EAs FIFA series, released on October 1. A more advanced motion capture technology Hyperion has been applied, and many changes in goalkeepers, tactics, and career modes. The steam user evaluation also very positive (participated in 17 persons, 80% positive), INAMIs E-Football, which can be called rivals of a soccer game system, has risen the share prices. It is a positive impact on many discounts of 40% in one month since it released here.

The discount is not only piper 22 as well. Corsica Production Death Stranding and Chlorine Simulator Developer Coffee Stain Studio Satin Factory also renewed its own maximum discount rate and accounted for second and 9th. Death Stranding is 70%, and Satin Factory can purchase games with 30% discounted 10,440 won and 2,1700 won, and the sale will be held until 25 days.

Other Open World Survival Sandbox New Miss of Empires entered 5th, and the Fallen King: League of Legend story went to sixth. Hallo Infinite Campaign and Age of Empire 4 also fell 7, 8, and Eldon Ring and Out Riders were pushed out for 10th.

The top simultaneous connections TOP 20 (as of 10:08 am) Top 20 (as of 10:08 am) The number of ranking variations is not large. In the top, GTA 5, Team Fortress 2 and Mir 4, and Mir 4, and the Rust and Football Manager 2022, Rainbow Six: Size and Devi Lite, and Forest Horizon 5, respectively.


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