The end of the year offers arrive at the PS Store

offers by the Black Friday are still valid at PlayStation store, but if none of those games caught you, then do not worry that a new batch of rebates It is already available at this digital store.

2021 is coming to an end, so the end of the year offers have been present at the PS store, and with them, a lot of games so much PS5 and of PS4 with discount. They are more than one hundred games with offer, so here we will put some of the most interesting:

— Assassin's Creed Valhalla - $23.99 USD


— The Medium - $37.49 USD

— Dreams — $9.99 USD

— Prey - $11.99 USD

— Lost in Random — $20.09 USD

NEW PSN Sale - End Of The Year PlayStation Store PS4 PS5 Deals - $10 PSN Giveaway — KALAHARI DAM ACY ROLL - $9.89 USD

— Hence III - $5.99 USD

You will have until December 22 to take advantage of some of these offers. For the full list, we suggest you visit the PS store of your region.

Editor's note: There is no doubt that Sony has been wicked to us with all these recent batches of offers and promotions. We have even seen recent games receive some kind of promotion, which, although it is not as important as some others, it is equally appreciated.

VIA: PlayStation


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