Steam autumn rebates start with a handful of interesting offers

The Game Awards are an annual honor ceremony that profits solutions in the video game market. At the festivities are additionally suggestions of brand-new titles as well as thorough aim to see already revealed games. The programs are produced as well as moderated by Geoff Kafka, that has helped over ten years on its precursor, the Spike Video Game Honors.

From now and until January 1, Steam celebrates its autumn rebates, which was previously the Black Friday Week. Beyond celebrating that they disengage from that ugly tradition, it is a good opportunity to get some pending game taking advantage of the prices more appetizing.

There are a lot of downgraded games, and from the own cover of Steam you can explore the different categories in which they are ordered (by gender, by price...); On the cover you can also see some of the most outstanding offers, such as 50% Network Dead Redemption II or Death loop, 70% Stranding or Blasphemous, which is also a dot of free expansion, 75%.

Best Black Friday Deals 2021

To put things a little easier, let's do some recommendation below, in case you are useful to start. Do you have your own recommendations or are there a little gem that could be escaped? Sop fer without fear: you have to take advantage to catch up now that we enter the final stretch of the year.

The best recommendation, however, is that you do not buy anything if your backlog is already too extensive. Play you already have. Do that favor us.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 | €4.99

Around here we are very fans of Euro Truck Simulator 2, and for less than five euros it is imperative to prove it, at least. It goes from what it seems that goes: to drive trucks transporting cargoes by Europe while managing, if you like, your own empire trucker, hiring people and expanding your fleet as you saved. It is an incredible experience.

If the basic version is short, there is a handful of expansions with different rebates to which you can take an eye as well. That of Spain and Portugal is the least reduced (because it was the most recent: it came out does nothing), but by our homeland, whatever it is.

American Truck Simulator | €4.99

Cf. Previous epigraph, but changing the landscape by the United States.

Mushimimesama | €6.99

This, as it usually happens with those of Cave, is one of those who sometimes become a more expensive tag of the account for those who are not too followers of the prestigious Japanese studio, so the offer goes as a ring to the finger. Is a ship, a game of ships, and not one: it is one of the best of Cave, known especially by Dodonpachi but who have been able to explore and refine the subgenre that helped create (the damage, or bullet hell : those in Those there are hundreds of bullets on screen) as few. A good starting point to know what these people do.

Spiritual | €12.49

One of the great games of last year; I highlighted what was saying in the analysis of it my partner Marta: In Spiritual there is a button to embrace. Among the actions we can practice with the rest of the characters — understand some object, give them food, see their status... — There is a marked with a heart that leads us to strengthen our interlocutors between the arms. Although the action is always the same; The animation is repeated and again, the narrative context produces different types of hugs and does not perceive one morning, one of farewell, a simple righteous righteousness or a gesture with comforting intention. But in Spiritual embracing is two things ».

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Mutation | €10.79

Another of the most outstanding independent games of recent years. I summon Marta again: Mutation is an adventure game that drinks directly from Indies Referents such as Night in the Woods or Oxen free. The protagonist is a teenager named Kai who must put aside all the summer plans of her to spend a week on Mutation island taking care of a dying grandfather who has never come to know. But Kai does not travel lightly. The memory of the death of her father, the bad relationship of her mother with her family and anxiety at the fact of traveling to an isolated place, inhabited by mutants, make her that she does not close with the Better provisions ».

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Umbrage Generation | €7.49

A first-person photography game set in a sighted future, says the description of it; It is a sufficiently deep and well-designed title to take a couple of important prizes in this year's GDC, including the best independent game.

Disc Elysium | €19.99

Surely the best game of the century, one of those who redefine their gender (in this case, the rack of cutting more or less classic, reinterpreted here to put all the weight in dialogue and research: there is no combat) and that change your Own relationship with games. Here we had to dedicate a whole monograph, with several articles and a spoiler cast, to start doing justice; It is one that you have to play yes or yes.

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Do not Starve | €2.04

Basic classic, Klein's survival game is one of those who revalid one the carpet of Gamer, and those who do not finish fading ever. If you want to go for all, there is a bundle with the basic game and all its expansions that is also of offer. Eternal Doom | €14.99 To this Eternal Doom there are words and reflections, and it seems more appropriate to experience it and already, let go by the proposal of Him and that is what God wants. We commented around here at the time that is a complex game, and in its complexity is an important part of its attraction; At the control, however, it is a visceral and fluid experience, in which each movement and each shot leaves you naturally ». This offer makes him swell the tooth without thinking twice, so everything in order. Our analysis »


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