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Among the offers of the new Saturn prospectus, which should already provide a foretaste of Black Friday, find some interesting TV deals. In addition to an OLED TV from LG for 699 euros, for example, you will also get a Philips equipped with Ambilight 4K televisions, namely for 499 euros (RRP: 899 euros) at 55 inches.

Android Test - Philips PUS8506 4K Smart TV

Philips PUS7906 (4K, 55 inches, Ambilight) for 499 € (RRP: 899 €) at Saturn

According to comparison platforms, the model published about three months ago was never so cheap. According to Idealo, the previous best price was 599 euros. Even the predecessor Philips PUS7805 currently seems to be so favorable in 55 inches nowhere.

What does the Philips PUS7906 offer?

Picture: The picture provides the PHILIPS PUS7906 for its price quite good quality, but not impressed. This is, among other things, on the EDGE LED lighting, which is not as uniform as with Direct LEDs, and the generally quite low peak brightness. After all, the common HDR formats such as HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision are supported.

OS & AMBLIGHT: The biggest advantage of the PUS7906 opposite the predecessor PUS7805 is the Android operating system that provides very good app support and a largely comfortable operation. Like most of Philips most current 4K TVs, the PUS7906 also has ambilight, which illuminates the wall behind the TV in the colors of the image. This is especially impressive in dark spaces.

Philips PUS7906 (4K, 55 inches, Ambilight) for 499 € (RRP: 899 €) at Saturn

Gaming: Unfortunately, there are no measurement data for input. The predecessor was around 20 ms. Since Philips laid significantly more value on gaming features and low input this year in its more expensive models than in 2020, we expect that even the cheap PUS7906 also expect at least not worse than the older model. A 120 Hz display and HDMI 2.1 you do not get in this price range. However, allm is there.

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More early Black Friday deals at Saturn

In the early Black Friday offers at Saturn there are many more interesting deals. In addition to 4K televisions, laptops and smartphones, you will also find good gaming offers, for example with the Joy-con controllers, the DUALSENSE PS5 controller or the Nintendo Switch. The Angbote is still running until the 10th of November. Here you come to the overview:

Early Black Friday deals at Saturn

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