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Black Friday is a colloquial term for the Friday following Thanksgiving in the USA. Numerous stores provide very advertised sales at discounted costs and also frequently open really early, often as early as midnight or perhaps on Thanksgiving. Black Friday has actually regularly been the busiest shopping day of the year in the United States considering that at least 2005.

After running for gasoline since Friday Black Friday Preview Sale, the retailer launched today its correct Black Friday Sale, with many new offerings. In addition to games for PS5 and PS4 are also a lot of 4K TVs there. Above all models of LG, there are at reasonable prices. Two of the highlights, we introduce you to this article. The overview of all Black Friday deals at Otto found here:

Black Friday Sale at Otto: To flights

UP8100 LG 70 inch for 679 euros

The LG UP81009LR with 70 inches you get already for 679 euros (RAP: 1,299 euros). According comparison platforms, the model has never been to have as low. Comparable models like the LG UP80006LA or LG UP81006 costs currently even in size 65 inches (70 inches, these versions are not available) over 800 Euro.

LG 70UP8100LR (4K, 70 inches) for 679 euros (RAP: 1,299 euros) in gasoline

Magic Remote The LG UP8100 is a 4K TV the lower price range of 2021. From usually even cheaper models like the LG UP7500 he stands out among other things by the supplied Magic Remote, gesture control (via cursor, similar to a mouse pointer) enables.

Picture & Gaming: The picture quality is quite good for the price, but the contrast due to the IPS panel is rather low. For this, the TV is also not as strong viewing angle dependent. For gaming is the LG UP8100 well suited to an input lag 10-11 ms. A 120-Hz display or HDMI 2.1 does not get it at that price though.

Lowest Prices Ever! LG OLED + Black Friday TV Deals NOW!

LG 70UP8100LR (4K, 70 inches) for 679 euros (RAP: 1,299 euros) in gasoline

LG OLED B19 from €949

If you're looking for a much higher quality, then you can access for 949 euros for 55-inch LG OLED B19. According comparison platforms there is the 4K TV just nowhere else as low as for gasoline.

LG OLED 55B19 (4K, 55 inches, HDM 2.1) for €949 (RAP: €1,799) in gasoline

Picture: The LG OLED B19 provides excellent image quality, which is located on the OLED technology, of course, not least that ensures perfect black, infinitely high contrast and excellent color reproduction. Compared to the more expensive LG OLED C17 he does have some softness image processor and the lower peak brightness, in practice but rarely noticed.

gaming Even as a gaming TV of LG OLED B19 is very suitable. The input lag is 120 Hz with only 5 ms. Furthermore, the LG OLED B19 two HDMI ports has 2.1 to 120 fps is possible by using the Xbox Series X or PS5 Gaming in 4K up. VAR (Variable refresh rate) and ALL (Auto Low Latency Mode) are of course also supported.

LG OLED 55B19 (4K, 55 inches, HDM 2.1) for €949 (RAP: €1,799) in gasoline

More TV services in Otto Black Friday Sale (selection):

LG 43UP8100LR (4K, 43 inches) for €339 (RAP: €589) Hi sense 43AE7010F (4K, 43 inches) for 279 (RAP: €499) Samsung GU55AU7199 (4K, 55 inches) for €499 (RAP: €729) Samsung GU70AU7199 (4K, 70 inches) for €789 (RAP: €1.299) Philips 55PUS8106 (4K, 55 inches, Alight) for €599.99 (RAP: €919) LG OLED 48A19 (4K, 48 inches) for €699 (RAP: €1,449)

Black Friday Sale at Otto: To flights

Black Friday 2021: The best deals

Many other retailers such as Amazon, Media Market and Saturn have also been launched Black Friday deals, including a lot of TV and gaming deals. In the coming days more shops and many more offers will follow. So that you always retain the overview, we have compiled you here are an overview:

Black Friday 2021: The Best Deals in the Gamer Overview

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